DavaoBase.com and MariaLeahFlor.com Receive Blog Recognition

It is with great joy that we share with you happy news about DavaoBase.com!

DavaoBase.com in Davao Blog Awards 2017

DavaoBase.com won Best Gateway Blog in the Davao Blog Awards 2017! We were very much delighted when we heard about it, as this is our 6th in a row.

We missed the Davao Bloggers Grand Ball 2017, where one of the highlights was the Davao Blog Awards, but we are so excited to get our hands on one of these lovely trophies from the House of Wooden Letters!

DavaoBase.com - Best Gateway Blog in Davao Blog Awards 2017
Davao Blog Awards 2017 trophies (photo by Ace Nierva)

MariaLeahFlor.com in GMEA 2017

MariaLeahFlor.com, the personal blog of one of DavaoBase main authors Leah, got the nod from Globe Media Excellence Awards 2017. It was selected as 1 of the 3 finalists for Blogger of the Year (for Mindanao) for her post Impact of Climate Change on PH Agriculture.

GMEA 2017

It truly is a lovely way to end the year for DavaoBase.com and its affiliate blogs ChitoJoseph.com and MariaLeahFlor.com. Thank you — yes, you — for visiting our blogs, and may you visit us again and again in the coming years!


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