Seafood Island for Seafood Bonding Extreme

We recently had lunch with college friends at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Northshore Grill in SM City Davao Annex. Although we have passed by this restaurant several times since we’re fond of hanging out at Bo’s Coffee (located just beside it), this is actually our first time to dine at Seafood Island.

seafood island SM ecoland

Seafood Island offers several boodle feasts to fit different appetites. For our group, we ordered the Tali Beach boodle feast (P995 for 3-4 persons / P1,345 for 5-7 persons), which is composed of pork barbecue, chicken inasal, grilled tilapia, grilled squid, grilled talong, grilled tomatoes, steamed white shrimps, steamed crabs, sauteed tahong, lato, green mango, watermelon, and steamed rice with crispy dulong.

Tali Beach Boodle Feast

At Seafood Island, diners eat boodle-style, which means everything is served on banana leaves and everyone can just dig in. Other boodle feasts available are:

  • Dagupan Festival – (P795 for 3-4 persons / P1,285 for 5-6 persons)
  • Dapitan’s Pride – (P845 for 3-4 persons / P1,315 for 5-6 persons)
  • Magellan’s Landing – (P995 for 3-4 persons / P1,385 for 5-6 persons)
  • Boracay’s Feast – (P735 for 3-4 persons / P998 for 5-6 persons)
  • Davao Gulf – (P1,485 for 5-7 persons)
  • Sultan Dulang – (P1,345 for 5-7 persons)
  • Chang’s China Chow – (P1,485 for 5-7 persons)
  • Vigan – (P1,395 for 5-7 persons)
  • Mt. Apo – (P1,650 for 5-7 persons)
  • Island Sinugba Espesyal – (P997 for 3-4 persons / P1,690 for 5-7 persons)
  • Garlic Seafood Delight – (P783 for 3-4 persons / P1,188 for 5-7 persons)
  • Meaty Madness – (P1,598 for 5-7 persons)
  • We also received a plate of bangus sisig for free as part of an ongoing promo. I’m not sure if this is the full serving, though.

    free bangus sisig

    They also offer food served a la carte, although I would probably still order a boodle feast on our next visit.

    friends at Seafood Island

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Northshore Grill
Ground Floor, SM City Davao Annex
Tel: (63 82) 285 0130

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