Bo's Coffee Club: Classy And Friendly Coffee Experience

Grab hold of that tissue, 'coz we're getting our sweet tooth served at Bo's Coffee Club!

Bo’s Coffee Club has firmly planted its able roots in Davao City for years now. Unfortunately, we’ve been putting off our visit to this place because… well, I’m not sure, really. It’s a good thing that we finally found an opportunity to check out their stand-alone store in Metro Lifestyle Complex along F. Torres Street.

Upon entering the store, you will be welcomed by wooden brown colors that are relaxing to the eyes. Its interior instantly reminds you of coffee, which is probably good for the business. 🙂 Since we visited on a Tuesday, the store wasn’t cramped or crowded. In other words, it was a good first visit.

Enticing pastries and menu selections at Bo's Coffee Club

We chose our favorite coffee flavors: Caffe Mocha and White Chocolate Mocha. Our assessment: rich and flavorful! White Chocolate Mocha is best for people who love coffee on the sweet side. On the other hand, the full body of their Caffe Mocha is enhanced by the perfect hint of chocolate. Unfortunately, we were not able to consume our Grande coffee mugs because our bodies can only take so much coffee.

For their cakes, we sampled Cashew Mocha. The cake had a very soft texture that dissolves in your mouth, and is complemented by the crunchy cashew nuts. Wifey absolutely loved it! In fact, she ranks it among her top five favorite desserts.

Cashew Mocha at Bo's Coffee Club: Insanely good!

The waitstaff was generally accommodating and friendly, although most of them were idle. In fact, when we entered the store, we found all of them sitting at the back of the counter. After all, it was a relatively quiet Tuesday evening. Therefore, we could not give any solid feedback on their services, since they weren’t busy enough to deserve a verdict.

Nevertheless, Bo’s Coffee Club gets high points for brewing excellent coffee, and for providing a perfect balance of classy interiors and a cozy atmosphere.

Bo’s Coffee Club
Metro Lifestyle Complex, F. Torres Street, Davao City
Phone (082) 228-6180

[PBA code: PBA09r1119p3]

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  1. Great post/review. I really like the photos. Of course, especially the one of the cake.. it looks delicious. I have become very reluctant to eat such things at coffee bars because they are usually mass produced pre frozen pieces of…. blahhhhh.

    Stopping by from WW. 🙂

  2. Ang sarap tingnan nung cake.. yummmy…

  3. @zeemaid: Thanks for dropping by. Hey, I found your post “May I present…. The Evidence” extremely funny! I’m sure my wife can relate to your story. Her pet peeve is when I forget (almost all the time!) to turn off or unplug electrical items (lighting, fan, TV).

    @Marissa: Tempting, hindi ba? 🙂 By the way, are you currently residing in Davao City?

  4. thank u so much for your very wonderful comment about bo’s cofffee club torres branch. its really a heart warming one, im one of the staff here and we love to serve u more..hope u would continue to visit our place, its our pleasure to serve you more..

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