How to Fully Enjoy Your Vikings Luxury Buffet Experience

So many Facebook updates, Twitter posts, Instagram photos and Foursquare check-ins have been made by so many Dabawenyos on the new buffet restaurant in town – the Vikings Luxury Buffet, located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier.

Vikings Davao

People in Davao and even in neighboring towns and cities talk about this hot gastronomic destination. Every day, Vikings prepares lunch and dinner feasts with arrays of food so grand it could overwhelm you. So how do you make sure you get the full Vikings experience each time you visit? Let us help you with some tips.

– Make a reservation 1-2 weeks before your planned lunch/dinner. Do not rely on walk-in availability to avoid disappointment. Vikings attracts hundreds of guests every day, more so on weekends, holidays or special seasons like Christmas or graduation. As such, they need to manage the crowd to ensure every customer gets to fully enjoy the food and the place.

Vikings feast

– Don’t eat a heavy meal before going to Vikings. We don’t recommend that you skip meals in anticipation of a huge buffet meal. Eat regular meals, but refrain from eating too much or too close to your Vikings visit. You would not be able to go around the 7 food stations if you arrive already near full.

– Come early. Vikings opens at 11:30 am for lunch and 5:30 pm for dinner. If you come early, you will have more time to eat, chat and eat again (then chat and eat again). Arriving early also ensures that your reservation does not get cancelled.

– Spend your first 10 minutes doing a quick survey on the different stations, taking a mental note of what you want to eat. Plan your meal and eat first the the ones you find most appetizing. Don’t save the best for last, because you might be too full to eat your favorites if you eat them last.

Vikings luxury buffet

– Talk to the chefs. Go on, don’t be shy. Ask them what the dish is called, what it’s made of, how do you eat it or if there is a special sauce/seasoning that might go well with it. At certain stations, you may also ask for your pasta, pizza or steak prepared just the way you want them.

– Enjoy not only the food but also the company. A visit to Vikings is more fun when you’re with your favorite people. Engage in hearty conversations over good food. Besides, talking could burn some of the calories you’ve just taken in, which frees more ‘space’ for the other dishes still waiting to land on your plate.

We certainly enjoyed our first Vikings dinner, which we shared with family and friends. Indeed, intensely delicious food becomes even better when shared with people you value. 🙂

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  1. Love the tips! Certainly encountered several friends who dined here that were overwhelmed by the amount of food they ended up having a sick tummy.

  2. I would like to make reservations for christmas day but cannot find contact numbers

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