Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum: More Than Just Conserving Power

Davao City might be enjoying a bountiful supply of fresh water and a relatively stable power supply, but everything gets consumed eventually. This is the underlying motive behind the need to discuss energy conservation and efficiency.

Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum, July 23 2013 at Marco Polo Davao

Last July 23, Marco Polo Davao played host to the Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum, a whole-day discussion on various efforts to optimize the use of energy in the country. The forum’s theme is “Enhancing Competitiveness Through Energy Efficiency”, which basically says that being wise in power usage leads to more success.

Participants during the energy summit came from various fields of specialization with connections to anything energy-related: representatives from the government, private manufacturing and service companies, experts in energy usage, and other professionals. Speakers during the forum were likewise a mixed bunch, with expertise in several fields.

Experts and participants exchanged ideas during the Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum

The forum was packed with information-heavy sessions on efficient use of energy. The plenary session involved a keynote address from Department of Energy representative Jesus Tamang. The rest of the day was divided into three sessions: (1) Public-private perspective on energy efficiency, (2) Energy efficient technologies, and (3) Energy efficiency in the industrial / commercial / public sectors.

Displays and sponsors during the Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum

The event was spearheaded and facilitated by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the International Copper Association Southeast Asia. Sponsors are Schneider Electric, Trane Philippines, and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

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