BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9360 Test Drive

I have always imagined BlackBerry phones as handy tools for business people. But for people like me who are casual mobile phone users with an active social networking life, BlackBerry does not usually come as the first choice. Leah and I have been using a tablet (Apple iPad) and two smartphones (Nokia and Samsung) to update our social status on the go.

Blackberry Bold 9790 and Curve 9360 phones

We were recently given the opportunity to test-drive two of BlackBerry’s signature smartphones: BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Bold 9790.

As longtime users of other popular brands like Nokia, Samsung and Apple, we expected a bit of difficulty adjusting to this newfound smartphone interface. But as days progressed, I found myself very accustomed to the phones, mainly because of the Track Pad that is now a signature BlackBerry accessory. In a nutshell, the Track Pad is probably the main reason why navigating BB phones has become easier than other phone brands.

Blackberry Bold 9790

Another great feature is the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), a network service exclusive to BB users. What makes BBM awesome is that it provides instant messaging not only to send text, but also to share pictures, and audio & video bits.

The two units that we tested were running on BlackBerry OS 7, which boasts of faster web browsing and improved graphics display. I also discovered that BlackBerry phones running on OS 7 have the option of becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot, although I haven’t tinkered with this feature yet.

What really set my heart aflutter for BlackBerry 7 phones is the integrated Twitter and Facebook applications. When using Curve 9360 or Bold 9790, Leah and I are able to post our status updates and tweets as fast as instant messaging. It was a big revelation for me, because I always thought BlackBerry phones were boring and business-inclined. But here I was, updating my Facebook status through my Curve 9360 without the need to open a mobile web browser.

Sporting sleek designs makes the Blackberry phones stand out from the rest. Leah especially adores the non-slip rubber back surface of Blackberry Bold 9790. As for me, the glossy black finish of the phones impressed me.

Blackberry Bold 9790 sports a non-slip rubber back and an elegant metal border

I now declare that my initial impressions have been crushed. The Blackberry phones have proven themselves to be not only useful for business, but also handy and trendy for the more youthful online-savvy generation.

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  1. Wow! Glad to know Davaobase is now reviewing gadgets! Bring it on! More power!

  2. This helps a lot, thanks.

  3. Yey! So you both have BBs?! Yala! Exchange pins na… easier kamustahan anywhere in the world. And it has voice messaging too! just like “phone calls” when typing is kind of hard. Excited to add both of you.

  4. Love your reviews! now I even love my BB Bold.. Thanks.

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