Kadayawan Feast of Flavours Features Durian Dishes in SM City Davao Foodcourt

SM City Davao presents Kadayawan Feast of Flavours, which features uniquely prepared dishes with the distinct flavor of Durian.

Each food stall in the SM City Davao Foodcourt offers one durian dish in celebration of the Kadayawan Festival. The dishes are available during the entire month of August and are priced from P80 to P95 per serving (Note: Photos below may not represent one serving).

Boneless Steamed Chicken with Durian Filling from Wok Man Asian Cook
Burger Patty in Corn and Durian Sauce from Sizzling Chef
Camaron Rebosado with Durian from Island Grill Express
Rolled Bacon and Durian in Tartar Dip from Fiesta Dabaw
Fish Fillet in Durian Sauce from Loring's Lechon
Crabs in Durian Sauce from Mr. Crab N Prawn
Pork Spare Ribs Topped with Durian Sauce from Smokin' Toppings
Bouillabaisse with Durian from Kamay Kainan

If you love durian, head to SM City Davao’s Kadayawan Feast of Flavours and give these dishes a try. If you’re not a fan of durian, these dishes offer some of the best ways to experience durian.


Also check the best durian desserts in Davao, as shared by some of our site visitors.

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  1. fantastically exotic dishes – I wonder why only sauce and filling, can’t durian be cooked, steamed or fried, hmmmm…. interesting!

  2. Will visit once I go to Davao. 🙂

  3. Joseph@easy chinese recipes

    Yummy! I like the crabs and the Pork Spare Ribs Topped with Durian Sauce from Smokin’ Toppings. I’ll make an easy Chinese cuisines with durian as part of the ingredients.

  4. I’m not really a big fan of Durian but the food looks interesting and delicious as well.

  5. Hope to visit Davao soon. Love the foods you posted in here. Great shots.

  6. Swear, I have not tried all these yet! But I like the taste of the candy! It all looks interesting!!!

  7. will definitely try the caramon when i visit davao on kadayawan

  8. everything with durian! i don’t really eat the fruit itself but i eat durian candies haha! 🙂 these look delicious btw! 🙂

  9. This gave me a new outlook on durian.

  10. Very enticing… I’ll definitely try this when I visit Davao. Hopefully before the year ends.

  11. I’ve tried durian three times, and never really liked it. But these look really interesting. Perhaps when I manage to get to Davao, I’ll give this a try. Who knows? Perhaps, eating durian this way might just do the trick for me.

    • Maybe you have tried the cheap variety.,. Durian comes in different kinds and the best is expensive. Its like cheese and the more expensive ones are really very good.

  12. ma sabina b tejamo

    wanna try those recipes. . . . kalami!!!!!!

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