Sooo Pinoy Dishes of D’Leonor Hotel: Fiesta Lapu-lapu and Roasted Chicken

Due to work and other concerns, we were not able to participate in all the destinations of Sooo Pinoy in Davao City, but we surely had a lot of fun (eating and chatting!) in the few stops we were able to visit.

One of the Sooo Pinoy stops was D’Leonor Hotel, which is located along the busy street of J.P. Laurel, Bajada. It offers not only a convenient place to stay for business travelers and tourists, but also several dining options for guests and visitors.

In our visit, we had D’Leonor Fiesta Lapu-lapu (P95 per 100g) and Roasted Chicken (P360 for 1 whole chicken).

D'Leonor Fiesta Lapu-lapu
D'Leonor Roasted Chicken

D’Leonor Hotel also has board rooms (capacity: 20 people) and function rooms (capacity: 200-400 people) for meetings or events.

D’Leonor Hotel
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
Tel: (63 82) 221-1160 / 222-3685 / 221-3691 / 222-3994

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  1. Food is so mouth watering! You just made me hungry.. Hahaha.. Though I’m not that a restaurant-hopper, I think this one is very good! 🙂

  2. This are great foods you can savor at the hotels and another plus is its on a main street.

  3. This is mouth watering… yummy 😀

  4. JUANderfulpinoy (@juanderfulpinoy)

    Thanks for the recommendation , I will try this out when I visit Davao in the next couple of months

  5. I concur, those look really yummy and so Pinoy! The lapu-lapu looks especially inviting.

  6. I love roasted chicken! Lalo na pag masabaw un manok from the grilling.

  7. The fish looks yummy! 🙂

  8. WAAAA naunahan mo na ako! Haven’t started for the 2nd day! O___O

  9. dimaks | The Urban Walker

    That is one saucy roasted chicken. The Lapu-Lapu up there looks like expressing something.. like saying “come and eat” 🙂

    In my next trip to Davao, I will try to visit D’Leonor Hotel and look for that inviting Lapu-Lapu.

  10. that chicken really looks mouth watering. Will try this hotel on my next visit to Davao.

  11. basta pagkain. Join!! yummy story!!!!

  12. got to try their lapu-lapu fiesta, it’s so mouth watering!

  13. It’s been while since I ate Lapu-lapu :3

  14. yummy! i’d love to try both!! 🙂

  15. My goodness, the temptation of good food presented superbly is very hard to resist.

  16. oh.. missing pinoy food now!

  17. Thanks for all the comments. Hope those of you who are not from Davao can visit our lovely city soon. Best time to visit would be next month for the Kadayawan sa Dabaw festival! =)

  18. “D’Leonor Fiesta Lapu-lapu”
    looks so CRUNCHY and tasty as well
    with all the ingredients put together.
    I want to take a BITE… hmmmmmm!

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