Belito's Vineyard: One of Davao's Best Kept Secrets

Belito's Vine Yard, Palm Drive Road, Buhangin, Davao City

After years of enjoying Davao City’s usual food offerings, Wifey and I thought this was a good time to scour the city for new destinations. Fortunately, my officemates and I discovered Belito’s Vineyard, an al fresco restaurant offering unique home-cooked dishes.

The quaint restaurant is owned by Richie Ferrazzini, whose family also owns the Merco chain of restaurants. Belito’s is an open air restaurant that can house about 50 people.

Al fresco dining at Belito's Vine Yard

Belito’s is not located in the usual busy city streets; in fact, we got lost the first time we dined there. It’s located along Palm Drive in Bajada. From downtown Davao, travel along J.P. Laurel Avenue. Once you see CitiHardware on the left side of the road, turn left. Then go straight through the uphill road, look at the left side, and watch out for the small cement post with “Belitos” written on it (see picture above). This is what makes Belito’s uniquely thrilling: it’s a very secluded place that makes it appear as though you’re eating in an ultra-exclusive restaurant. 🙂

Belito’s has been generating a lot of buzz and great word-of-mouth reviews for Paella Negra. As its name suggests, the dish is a twist on the usual paella, by using squid ink to bring the unique pitch black color. Serving size for Paella Negra is good for 2-3 people.

Paella Negra at Belito's Vine Yard

Its looks may be deceiving, but Paella Negra is a knockout winner! It’s a complete meal, loaded with cooked rice and generous amounts of seafood. When you eat Paella Negra, be sure to squeeze the sliced lemon / lime over the dish, as the acidity brings a whole new level of oomph to the rice dish.

Another surefire success is Shrimp Gambas, which is cooked in flavorful spices and olive oil. It’s listed under “Starters”, but I prefer it as a main course to complement the Paella Negra.

Shrimp Gambas at Belito's Vine Yard

Also worthy of your attention are Crispy Pork Ribs (pictured below), Pasta Negra, and Calamari Al Ajillo. Belito’s also offers dishes from other types of meat: fish, chicken, beef, goat, and lamb.

Crispy Pork Ribs at Belito's Vine Yard

Belito’s Vineyard is not only an escape from the usual dining atmosphere, but also a restaurant worth visiting. It’s definitely one of Davao City’s best kept secrets!


Belito’s Vineyard
Ferrazzini Compound, Palm Drive, Bajada, Davao City
Phone (082) 227-6726
Mobile 09065721188, 09228576726, 09228576727
Visit their Facebook Page

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  1. ndi appetizing yung kulay ng paella nila pero ma-try na din pag nakadaan kami malapit dun. thanks for the share.

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  3. super sarap ng paella negra…another dish i’d like to eat again at belito’s is their wild boar pasta…

  4. Mark Kirschberg

    Being a bon vi-vant and hearing rave reviews about Belitos I cant wait to dine at this superb restaurant.
    Im a great fan of fresh seafood, goat and spare ribs.
    Im waiting for Cathy to return from Cebu so we can
    share this dining experience together !! Looking
    forward to your food Richie Cheers Aussie Mark

  5. What if I order the usual lemony colored paella is it available?

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