Teriyaki Boy: Manila-Bred Japanese Restaurant in Abreeza

We should all thank Abreeza Mall for introducing new restaurants to our already happy digestive systems. Davao City has already taken pride in housing a wide variety of cuisines, most notably Chinese, Italian and Persian. It is a welcome change, therefore, to see Japanese restaurants starting to sprout across the entire metropolis.

Teriyaki Boy, 2nd Floor Abreeza Mall, Davao City

This time, it’s Teriyaki Boy, a famous Japanese restaurant born and raised in Metro Manila. It sports a casual dining atmosphere where everything and everyone move fast, without sacrificing food quality. The concept is so unique and refreshing, that we decided (albeit with some apprehension) to eat Japanese food for dinner.

Teriyaki Boy at Abreeza Mall

Laid out on our tables were Katsudon and Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju. And my my, not only were they a sight to behold, but also a delight to the taste buds.

Katsudon at Teriyaki Boy in Abreeza Mall

Katsudon (deep-fried breaded pork cutlets with sweet soy sauce and scrambled egg on steamed rice) was a knockout. The meat was so juicy, and the combination of crispy breading and cottony soft meat was very pleasant to the tongue.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju in their Abreeza Mall branch

My absolute favorite, however, would have to be their signature dish. Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju (grilled chicken in sweet teriyaki sauce on steamed rice) was simply sensational. The dish came in a Ju box (just like a mini Bento box), which gave an authentic Japanese impression to our table. The chicken was insanely delicious: the sweetness of teriyaki sauce complemented the smoky goodness of the grilled chicken.

What's inside this Bento Box at Teriyaki Boy?Succulent, juicy goodness of Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju

Domo Arigato! If you are a lover of Japanese food (or are thinking of trying out Japanese cuisine), then you must include Teriyaki Boy in your list of restaurants to visit.


Teriyaki Boy
2nd Floor, Abreeza Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Visit their Facebook Page

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  1. Brendel loves Japanese food. We should check this out the next time we’re at Abreeza. Nice post and photos, Chito and Leah!

    • Thanks, Lyle. Naningkamot intawn na ma-better ang photos, maka-pressure ang DSLR. Hahaha!

      We missed you and Brendel sa Davao Bloggers Walk kanina. We were super tired after, pero super lingaw man pud. 🙂

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