Alor’s Serves Home-Cooked Dishes With A Twist

Growing up in Davao, I vividly remember Yummy Chicken and Burger Haus along C.M. Recto Street, and their other branch in F. Torres Street. While the original store has closed shop long ago, their Torres branch is still very much alive.

The place has been recently given a facelift, through the installation of its upscale sister restaurant — Alor’s: A Home Kitchen. This new restaurant sits right beside the Yummy branch.

Alor's, A Home Kitchen

We recently dined at Alor’s with my sister and Wifey’s mother. Upon opening the restaurant’s doors, we were greeted with a modern bistro-style interior and cream-colored walls bathed in light. Judging by the interiors, I already imagined a great dining experience.

Here are some of their drool-worthy dishes:

Cheese Balls at Alor's

Potato Shrimp Balls. This delectable appetizer is lighter than it looks, but it packs a wallop of flavors! It has a crisp and flaky coating, and a soft mixture of mashed potato and shrimp inside. Definitely a staple.

Fish Florentine at Alor's

Fish Florentine. This is the first time that I’ve tasted dory fish cooked in cream. It looks sinful, but it’s actually healthy because of the spinach. Popeye’s favorite, for sure!

Pork Knuckles at Alor's

Pork Knuckles. Speaking of sinful… This dish consists of mouth-watering pork knuckles cooked Filipino Adobo style. All I can say is “Wow!”.

Forty Clove Chicken at Alor's

Forty Clove Chicken. As the sister restaurant to a famous chicken house, Alor’s made sure that its chicken dishes were up to par. This one wins my vote, hands down! I absolutely loved the spices and flavors infused into this dish, which was cooked in generous amounts of olive oil. I even ate the browned garlic, because it just tasted oh-so-good.

Their food prices are somewhat on the high end, but it’s really worth the extra cost. Alor’s brings its A-game into the already-crowded upscale restaurant market, by serving home-cooked creations worth your while.

Alor's, A Home Kitchen: F. Torres Street, Davao City


Alor’s: A Home Kitchen
F. Torres Street, Davao City
Phone: (082) 222-5577

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  1. ive been here. konte lang ang sinserve na fud pero sulit. super full after ng kain.

    p.s. i love theier chocolate cake. obrang moist!!:)

  2. Hi Mikhail, appetizers range from Php115-Php195; entree from Php 180 – Php 350; desserts from Php 95-Php150 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Rowena L. Nobleza

    Good afternoon! I just would like to know kung magcater ba kayo for birthday celebrations? What naman ung menu ninyo & how much ang cost kung may 30 visitors kami?

    Please advise.


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