Tiny Kitchen Serves Divine Dishes With A Touch Of Home

Tiny Kitchen, F. Torres cor. Mabini, Davao CityWe have caught a glimpse of this little nook of a restaurant at the corner of F. Torres and Mabini streets dozens of times already, but it was only on Hubby’s birthday that we were able to drop by.

The place is called Tiny Kitchen, a quaint dining spot that’s receiving rave reviews because of their pastries and unique dishes. Many say their specialty is Paella, a “saffron-flavored dish made of rice with shellfish and chicken”. So naturally, we took the chance to taste it.

We ordered Paella Valencia and another one of their signature dishes, Chicken Rosemary.

Paella Valencia (P355 for extra small – good for 2 people) is a cocktail mix of seafood and chicken mixed in cooked rice flavored with spices and curry-like sauce. We weren’t exactly paella lovers before, and there were times when I ate paella with half-cooked rice (ugh!). But this Tiny Kitchen creation was a game changer for both of us.

Tiny Kitchen's signature dish: Paella Valencia

Served before us was an extravagant dish that was fit for royals. Their paella had heaping amounts of crab, shrimp, fish, oysters and squid. The rice was cooked perfectly and seasoned generously with herbs and spices.

Tiny Kitchen's Paella Valencia is loaded with seafood favorites: crab, shrimp, fish and squid

Chicken Rosemary is a worthy second dish to paella. It’s basically four pieces of breaded chicken smothered with spices and real tomato sauce.

Chicken Rosemary with Focaccia bread at Tiny Kitchen

I look at Chicken Rosemary as a fusion of American and Italian cuisine, deftly blending old-fashioned fried chicken with rosemary and tomatoes. Tiny Kitchen complements this dish with Focaccia, an Italian bread topped with herbs.

Chicken Rosemary consists of 4 chicken slices cooked in real tomato sauce and loaded with herbs and spices

I’d like to dedicate a special paragraph to their beverages. While these are merely throat cleansers in other restos, Tiny Kitchen has designed original drinks to complement their dishes. We tried the uniquely-named Limemonade Squeeze, as well as Chilled Lemon with Green Tea. They were both refreshingly good!

Thirst quenchers at Tiny Kitchen: Chilled lemon with green tea, and Limemonade squeeze

It’s a shame that we were already SO FULL, and we haven’t had enough time to taste their pastries. This only means we will be paying Tiny Kitchen a second visit soon!

Tiny Kitchen succeeds in providing its small space a homey atmosphere. The menu food list is handwritten on a blackboard behind the pastry display counter. The interior space is adorned with wall decorations that remind me of my childhood home.

Tiny Kitchen houses a handwritten menu board and mouth-watering pastry counter

What made our visit extra memorable was a tiny server named Anna, who turns out to be the daughter of Tiny Kitchen’s owners Donna and Enteng Rodriguez. Anna helped set our table up and served us our drinks. After the meal, she handed us the bill and handled our payment through credit card. Anna is less than 4 feet tall and about 7 years old — such a super adorable kid.

Tiny Kitchen's pride: Anna the tiny server! She even has her own apron. :)

All in all, Tiny Kitchen is an unassuming diner that serves topnotch food. Never underestimate the powers of a Tiny Kitchen!


Tiny Kitchen
F. Torres corner Mabini Streets, Davao City
Phone (082) 305-9232
UPDATE (June 2012): Tiny Kitchen moved to a new location at F. Torres St., Davao City (beside Ronaldo’s)

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  1. Their balbacoa is really good too. Give it a try.

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