Tap Room Piano & KTV: Music Destination at Jack's Ridge

Jack’s Ridge has been, for a decade now, the ultimate destination for guests as well as a perfect bonding-time place for friends and families. It provides not only a majestic view of Davao, but also delicious food, great entertainment and relaxing environment.

photo of new Davao landmark at Jack's Ridge by Jojie Alcantara

Being a prime tourist destination may also be why Jack’s Ridge has never ceased to improve the place. Just a few months ago, it unveiled a new Davao landmark (see above photo). This month, it’s stretching its arms to reach music and videoke lovers, with the grand launch of Tap Room Piano & KTV.

Tap Room Piano & KTV at Jack's Ridge

The new music bar is the pet project — and private escape — of Jack’s Ridge owner Meloy Mercado, because he likes to listen to music. He has now opened the quaint room for the public to enjoy.

Tap Room Piano & KTV is designed as a piano bar and videoke station, and can house about 40 people. Cover charge is P50, which includes an all-access pass to the Tap Room and one drink. Big groups can rent out the room exclusively for P13,000 a night (consumable).

Tap Room showcases a beautiful blue-lit stage (That's fellow blogger Thel Villarta singing).Tap Room has a huge wall-mounted LCD TV for videoke and watching sports.

With this new baby on the compound, it really isn’t a surprise why Jack’s Ridge has evolved into a one-stop shop for families, friends and tourists.

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  1. nice place. will make sure we check this place out when we visit davao next month. thanks.

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