DavaoBase Invades Cebu: CnT Lechon

One of the things we loved about Cebu is the food. Naturally, we started our Cebu food trip with their prime sought-after food item: LECHON!

CnT Lechon: The Pride of Cebu

We’ve read from various blogs that the best lechon in Cebu is CnT Lechon, dubbed as “The Taste of Cebuano”. Everyone was right: Lechon from Cebu is delicious. More notable is the fact that CnT Lechon has succulently soft meat and very minimal fat.

While we liked the taste of CnT Lechon, we realized that our lechon here in Davao isn’t too far behind. In fact, local brands like Joey’s Lechon and Lechoneros can very much compete with Cebu’s roasted pig. At least we don’t have to fly to Cebu to enjoy our favorite lechon.

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  1. Wala gyud makapildi sa litson sa mga bisaya. daghan pa lami na litson sa cebu. gisuwayan unta ninyo tanan pero basi ma-high blood mo sa kadaghan. hehe..

  2. pinakamasarap na lechon sa buong pilipinas!!!

  3. What I liked about CnT Lechon, kahit gabi na kami bumili and few parts na lang available— kasi nga late na, eh sarap pa rin, di kumunat ang lechon nila. 🙂

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