Summer Activities in Davao: Dance Class for Kids

We’re starting another series of posts here in DavaoBase. This time, we focus on fun summer activities for the kids and for the kids at heart.

Since summer is here and kids no longer have classes, we bring you great ideas on how to keep your kids busy while they learn and have fun. Let us start with this post featuring the dance classes from Groove Unlimited Dance Community.

With their progressive program packages, the students will learn an entire routine, which they will be showcasing in a stage performance or recital. Classes will run from April 5 to May 6. The recital will be held on May 7, 3 PM, at NCCC Mall of Davao. Check the details of the different packages below.

summer dance classesTarget Participants: 8 years old and above
Venue:  Holiday Gym and Spa
Schedule: MW morning
Package Fee: P1,500
Instructor: Bryan Grandeza (Hip-Hop)

Target Participants: 8 years old and above
Venue: Smashville
Schedule: TTH morning
Package Fee: P2,500
Instructor: Bryan Grandeza (Hip-Hop)

Target Participants: 3-7 years old
Venue: Angels at Work
Schedule: MTW afternoon
Package Fee: P3,000
Instructor: Bryan Grandeza (Hip-Hop)

Target Participants: 3-7 years old
Venue: Dover Fitness Center
Package Fee: P1,000
Instructor: Mike Omandam (Hip-Hop)
Instructor: Jhoey Zulueta (JAZ Funk)

Groove Unlimited Dance Community is a huge circle of dancers and dance crews based in Davao and some neighboring cities and provinces. It is the group responsible for Groove Stylz, an event that effectively showcases the best talents and most amazing moves. It is also behind “One Groove, One Mindanao” campaign for peace in Mindanao, “I Love to Dance” campaign for environmental protection and preservation, and“Steps” campaign for the cause of street children and teens.

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  1. Hmmmm…. Am thinking of sending Andy to one of the workshops. But I think she’s too young. 🙁 She’s more than 2 and less than 3 but looks like maybe, almost 2! hahahah!

  2. Hahaha, I bet cute na cute siyang tingnan when you enrol her in a hiphop class! 🙂 by the way, your gravatar is so cute!

  3. do you offer studio rentals?

    if yes
    how much per hour?

    pls rep

  4. Do you have weekend classes?

  5. freida f. gutierrez interested to enroll my 4 year old twins.i’l contact soon.

  6. i want to enroll my 4 yrs old sa hip hop dance .. meron ba sa davao city?

  7. Hello, everyone.

    Please click on the image in the post to see the contact numbers of the activity venues. You may inquire from them about the schedule for summer 2011.


  8. Hi Everyone! Davao City is one of the fast growing Hip-Hop venues in the country.. most workshops/ classes are conducted through Groove Unlimited Dance Community.. Below are some of the summer programs that we offer that you might interest you..

    SUMMER HIP-HOP DANCE CLASS 2011 (for Beginners)

    FOR AGES 3-7 (Starts on April 5)
    TTH 2-3PM for boys & girls
    Angels at Work Montessori
    corner Vinzon & Torres Sts
    Bo. Obrero, Davao City
    Contact 2250208 for rates & other info

    FOR AGES 8-14 (Starts on April 4)
    MW 1010-1140am for Boys only
    MW 1230-2pm for Girls only
    Holiday Gym
    F. Torres St, Davao City
    Contact 2223041 for rates & other info

    FOR AGES 15 & above (Starts on April 5)
    TTH 4-530pm for boys & girls
    Holiday Gym
    F. Torres St, Davao City
    Contact 2223041 for rates & other info

    Instructors: Bryan Grandeza & Selected GUDC Choreographers

    We also have a coming dance concert entitled GROOVE STYLZ 8 “BEYOND DANCE”.. (details will be posted soon)

    Please add me up on FB for more details.. Thanks Everyone.. Thanks Davao Base =)

    Bryan Grandeza
    Founder & Director
    Groove Unlimited Dance Community

  9. hi there can anyone suggest me where can i enroll my 2 years old daughter??

  10. i want to enroll hip hop dance .. for this summer .. meron buh yan x davao city>?? please pm me ..

  11. i’m 15 years old


    yaehhhh interested ako

  13. Hi po, may alam po ba kayong, gymnastic school so davao?

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