MYMP Relaunches With New Vocalist From Davao

MYMP has set its sights on another Dabawenya as its lead vocalist.

MYMP launches a new sound with its new lead vocalist from Davao City

With the band’s former lead singer Juris Fernandez — who was born in Davao — pursuing a solo career, MYMP launches a new sound through their new recruit: Star of Davao 2007 Grand Prize Winner Juliet Bahala.

Juliet Bahala is the new lead vocalist of MYMPAt 18 years of age, Juliet was handpicked from 15 other aspiring female singers to fill in the big shoes left by Juris. She is currently one of the most sought-after talents in the city, especially because of her singing in commercial jingles and the Visayan rendition of the Korean smash hit “Nobody “.

Unlike MYMP’s signature acoustic flavor, Juliet’s forte is R&B. This will surely bring an interesting mix when they launch their next album, which is currently in the works.

Catch the reboot of MYMP on ASAP XV on Sunday, January 24, 2010.

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  1. Anyway, the band can survive is a good thing, wish they have good luck in future.

  2. Watch their concert in Music Museum this coming february 12, 2010. MYMP will reveal what new things they can offer with their new singer Juliet. Tickets cost 1000, 800 and 500. Buy your tickets now!

    They will also have a concert in Davao Matina Town Square on Feb 13, 2010. You can buy tickets at NCC and MTS Mall.

  3. mymp will never be mymp without juris.. it’s a shame they don’t have her anymore..

  4. wow! they replaced juris with an 18 year-old star of davao champion?! this is definitely the best thing that’s happened to MYMP!

  5. whatever. i didn’t like juris anyway.

  6. it’s a shame her solo album is a flop. tons and tons of failure and depression embrace her everyday.

  7. Her solo album is not a flop! Her songs are consistent sa Top 10 and Top 20 charts. She is a lovely singer with a really nice voice.

  8. @sweetie: here’s the painful truth: charts are rigged! how else can you explain juris songs consistently in the charts for six months now, juris regularly appears on tv, has regular airplay in radios but still her album hasn’t reached the gold status in sales? And take note, due to piracy, the gold status of sales has been reduced to the minimum of 10,000units instead of the 15,000units just last year. the real gauge of a successful album is at least reaching 10,000units sold. comparing juris with mymp they sold at least 7 platinums in the time when gold status was 15,000units and platinum status was 30,000! i think it’s safe to say that the juris album is a flop! peace!

  9. Visit their website: and their Facebook Fan Pages: MYMP Chin, MYMP Fans Club and Juliet of MYMP! 🙂

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