DavaoBase Top 5: Best Buys in 2009

This list, unlike the two earlier ones, is more personal. It is a list of the purchases we made in 2009 that made us extremely happy and grateful. Here are our top 5 (not necessarily in order).

1. Acer Aspire 4730z. We bought our laptop in March. Aside from the fact that we wanted to have a new laptop so much, what made this purchase memorable is that it was actually our first major online shopping experience, as we ordered it online via PC Corner. The experience was great — we received the unit a day after we ordered and paid for it.

32" Toshiba Regza LCD TV, as featured in davaobase.com2. Toshiba Regza 32″ LCD TV. We got this in August, amidst all the discount offers during the Kadayawan Festival. We had to visit every major mall in Davao (really!) just to make sure we’d get the right LCD TV for us. We found our new TV at SM City Davao’s Appliance Center, although there was a similar unit at NCCC Mall’s Metro Plaza.

3. Samsung 18.5″ LCD monitor. We like to believe we’re simple persons with simple wishes. While we drool over the several LCD monitors we see when we window-shop at malls, we were contented with our CRT monitor that came as part of the computer-printer package we bought 2 years ago — until our home office table became too small to accommodate our files. To maximize space, we disposed of our old monitor and replaced it with a spanking new Samsung LCD monitor from Thinking Tools in SM Davao.

Home Office -- desktop, laptop (on top of chair) and printer - as featured in davaobase.com4. Home Renovation. It was also in 2009 that we had our home renovated. We had a new room built for us at the rear side of the house, making way for a more spacious living room. It’s not really super big, but it’s big enough to overfill our hearts with gratitude. The image in this post shows the work space we allocated (still with our old CRT monitor); beside it is our door and behind it is our walk-in closet. The photo is taken from our bed, which we bought together with the computer table and chair from Victoria Plaza’s Furniture Section.

5. Orbitrac with Hand Pulse Monitor, Seat and Dumbells. This one is probably the least used among the items in this list! Haha.. We bought this fitness machine in summer of 2009 from Sports Town in SM Davao, hoping that buying (and remembering how much we paid for it) will be able to motivate us to use it and actually do some workouts. It seems like our 5-year-old nephew has used this bike more than we did. 😀

For all the blessings we have received in 2009, we are truly thankful to Him who showered and continues to shower us with His love.

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  1. So from the best buy in 2009, we can find that that’s not a bad year, right?

    And hope you’ll buy more and more in 2010, life is becoming better and better.

    2010, a new day has come.

  2. Hi! It certainly was a great year for us and for this site, DavaoBase. 😀

  3. Asa ninyo napalit ang laptop bag? Nangita ko ug in-ana sa SM ug Gaisano Mall, wala man. Sa Davao na napalit? Thanks.

  4. That’s a Samsonite Sahora Laptop Backpack. Yup, gipalit namo ni sa The Travel Club sa SM City Davao, beside BPI Express Banking Center. I’m not sure if stocks are still available, pero mas maayo kung diretso na lang ka didto mag-ask. 🙂

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