Gaisano Mall of Davao Cinema 6 with Recliner Seats

Days after reading it in the news, we purchased tickets to catch a glimpse of Gaisano Mall of Davao Cinema 6. Its latest attraction: recliner seats!

Recliner seats similar to the cinema chairs in Gaisano Mall of Davao Cinema 6

(Photo taken from this site.)

It was mildly surprising to note that the cinema offers guaranteed seats. When we bought the tickets, the ticket booth crew showed us a seating arrangement sheet, and let us choose where we preferred to be seated. It’s similar to many cinemas in Metro Manila, but with the seat plan still printed on paper. The ticketing personnel suggested the farthest seats from the screen, which we gladly accepted.

The cinema entrance looks classy. An elegant chandelier greets moviegoers before entering the theater. Its dimly lit atmosphere and deep red drapes add to the elegance of the cinema. To ensure that the experience will be something different, a large metal signage at the entrance says “VIP”. Suddenly, I felt proud for Davao City for offering this kind of movie-viewing experience.

Upon entering, we saw that the theater housed a lot less seats than the average Davao cinema. There was no second floor (or more famously known as “balcony” here in Davao), and the flooring was not too inclined. But here’s the Big Wow: insanely huge leg space! Seat rows are distanced more than a meter apart. It appears like an entire row of seats can fit in between two rows.

Now, about those recliner seats… They were pretty comfortable and huge. However, they looked similar to the cinema seats in NCCC Mall. I was hoping that the seats were equipped with built-in foot rests, but I was disappointed to learn that that they were not.

Nevertheless, the improved guaranteed seating plan and the large leg space are worth the extra P30 that we shelled out.

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  1. So far, ang pinaka-favorite namin na sinehan sa Davao ay ang sa NCCC talaga, pero masubukan nga ito. 😉

  2. Ganahan unta ko mu-try pero tag-120 man pud uy! No budget. Hehe…

  3. thanks a lot!!! dami ko na namiss na sine. hope to try this one when we’re back in davao this weekend.

  4. Pinanood namin ang Surrogates sa Cinema 6. Maganda pero hindi afford na parati dun manood. Mahal. Hahaha!

  5. gumagalaw ba ang seat habang pinapalo ang character? ^^

  6. @arsimjay: Hehe, hindi pa naman ganun ang level ng seats ng Gaisano Mall. Maybe in the future, perhaps. 🙂

  7. magalaw2 ba ang lalagyan ng soft drinks ?? ung parang divider ..

  8. magalaw2 buh ang divider2 or ung lalagyan ng cans ? ( softdrink)

  9. ah . tnx ! now i know ^_^

  10. i had been twice here…okay lang….nothing so special nman.,..yung lang bonngang entence at select ng sit plan mo..lolz…

  11. sa gmall ba yan na seats ?

  12. @hardi: The picture was from another site. Of course, I couldn’t take pictures of the actual seats, kasi baka mahuli kami for movie piracy. Hehe.

  13. PIla karon sa ang bayad sa ticket sa Gmal?

  14. I am a new permanent resident in Davao love the cinema. Could someone give me a website where there is a movie schedule for the Gaisano Cinema?
    Thanks in advance. I have found the schedules for the other mall cinemas.

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