Bangkok Wok: Thai Cuisine For Starters

Wifey and I are not avid fans of uncommon foreign cuisine. So far, we’ve developed love for American, Chinese and Italian dishes, but we’re cautious in trying out food from other countries.

However, because of the numerous positive reviews that we have read, we decided to try Bangkok Wok, a Thai restaurant in Robinsons Cybergate Davao.

Bangkok Wok: The Hottest Food In Town

The place was spiffy, and its interior design reminded me of an Asian fine dining atmosphere.

Classy interior at Bangkok Wok

The menu choices were written in Thai, although each item had an English description of the dish. We made sure to try their house specialties, so we ordered Gai Hor Bai Toey (chicken in pandan leaves), Pla Mug Kratiem Prig Thai (squid with garlic, pepper and cilantro) and Moo Sate (Thai-style grilled pork strips).

Drool-worthy dishes at Bangkok Wok

Surprisingly, we enjoyed the food! The flavors of Thailand were definitely present in each dish, but at a comfortable amount suited for beginners like us.

  • The aroma of pandan leaves seeped through the deep-fried chicken.
  • Wifey loved the strong flavor of garlic and spices coating the sweet and perfectly soft squid cuts.
  • I cannot get enough of the unique peanut sauce drizzled over the pepper-rich grilled pork strips.

Sure, the price was quite steep for our usual food fare. However, with the restaurant’s sophisticated interiors and delectable dishes, Bangkok Wok has given us an opportunity to love Thai food.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (chicken in pandan leaves) at Bangkok WokPla Mug Kratiem Prig Thai (squid with garlic, pepper and cilantro) at Bangkok WokMoo Sate (Grilled Pork Strips) at Bangkok Wok


Bangkok Wok
Robinsons Cybergate Davao
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City

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  1. their squid dish is sooo yummy!! sauce pa lang, ulam na! hehe! 😉 medyo mahal lang talaga sila but its ok, worth it naman..

  2. Love the ambiance and food! Worth it ba? 🙂

  3. Hi, Kevin. Their food is really great. Kung nakatira lang kami sa North (Davao), we would be in this place more often.

    We have more recent posts about their new dishes and promo. Check them out here — and 🙂

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