Lachi's: Savoring the Sweet Moments

Hubby here, writing for my wife who is having a terrible headache. Wifey, I hope you get well soon.

On with the program…

Back when I was still single and living with my father,  I was already able to catch a glimpse of Lachi’s everytime we pass by Marfori Village. My initial impression of its quaint store was just another pastry shop.

Years after, I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

Temptations of Lachi’s food have been haunting me since I first tasted their Chocolate Cake when I was in college. When my sisters and I visited the place, I was (finally) able to taste their other delicacies.

lachi's unforgettable grilled pork ribs

Enter their bestseller: Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs. It was very tasty indeed: the meat was oh-so-tender, and the taste is a cross between barbecue and sinugba. However, I think I like Ranchero Grill‘s Baby Back Ribs more.

lachi's sans rival

Of course, I couldn’t leave Lachi’s without sampling their titular specialty: Sans Rival. Wow, what a treat! It was the first time to eat Sans Rival, and I was so happy to have tried Lachi’s version. The merengue was perfectly crisp, and the butter cream filling / icing was delicious.

If only I wasn’t so full, I could have sampled their other desserts. Oh well, there’s always a next time. Lachi’s, see you soon.

Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp.
Ruby Street, Marfori Village, Davao City
Tel: +(6382) 224-5552

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  1. Mas masarap ang dulce de leche… super duper… walang kwenta ang dulce de leche ng red ribbon…

    sorry i wasnt able to call you when i went home… ang bilis lang kasi ng 2 weeks ko. next time na lang pag nakauwi uli ako… which maybe is next year na… we will see lang.

  2. Hi, Niq. Yes, of course, we understand. See you next time na lang. 😉

    Sige, we will try the dulce de leche sa sunod namin na visit dun. Talagang ilalampaso ang dulce de leche ng Red Ribbon ha? 😀

  3. uncle panglibreh!! heheh=D

  4. i highly recommend lachi’s to those who want a taste of home-cooked meals. there cakes?? +++++ rating. can’t trade it for anything else.

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