Manila Ocean Park: Was It Fun?

Last year, we stayed in Pasay City for 2 nights before going to our main destination, which was Subic. Why else will we choose to drop by Manila if not to see their latest pride — the Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in the Philippines?


This year, our main target was to see the famous home of the fishes — the Manila Ocean Park. Were we excited? You bet! Did we have so much fun in the Oceanarium? Uhm, sort of. Maybe. I’m not really so sure.

ocean park

Aside from seeing so many fishes, Manila Ocean Park does not have so much to offer. Probably one of the reasons I was not so thrilled with the park is the fact that I have been to Ocean Adventure in Subic, which has a comparable fee (around PhP 400) yet offers better entertainment.

Manila Ocean Park and Subic’s Ocean Adventure both have lots of aquariums with different unique fishes in it. While the former has 2 fish spas where you can dip your feet (for a fee, that is), the latter offers entertaining sea lion shows and dolphin shows which are already inclusive of the entrance fee.

ocean park

I don’t want to get in trouble with Manila’s local government (Peace tayo, Mayor Lim! :D), but comparing the two marine themed destinations is the only way I can make my point.

The good thing is that I think the development of the facility is not yet complete. The empty booths, the unpainted walls and the uneventful way out of the park (it’s like leaving through the fire exit!) somehow told me this. It means that it is still a work in progress. As my College professor used to say, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

(Note: The photos appear dark since the facility does not allow the use of flash.)

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