Davao City: Is It Ready For Change?

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The recently concluded US presidential election has suddenly got me into thinking about the way we do politics here in the Philippines. The triumph of the first African-American presidential candidate in the person of Barack Obama showed that anything is possible, and that dreams can come true. More importantly, it shows that change is inevitable, and change might be good.

Since the Marcos administration, Filipinos have witnessed graft and corruption in various degrees and forms. What makes this scenario worse is that people nonchalantly accept this as a reality rather than an abnormality. Don’t get me wrong: I am also guilty of this socio-political crime. And as the country sinks deeper into more problems with the current government, I am gradually becoming aware that change might be a good thing indeed.

Spotlight to Davao City. Yes, the city has blossomed into a booming economic center and real estate complex. Peace and order is hardly a problem, making investors and foreigners feel welcome and secure. But come 2010, with Mayor Rody Duterte stepping out of the limelight after three consecutive terms as mayor, I am left wondering who the mayoralty candidates will be.

Personally, I am envisioning another Duterte-Nograles showdown, but this time their children will be at play. I’m talking about Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and Atty. Karlo Nograles. Now that will be a different ballgame altogether. And in this case, I’m not so sure if change will be good for the city.

I think my brain is starting to hurt, thinking about all of these political possibilities. I guess I’ll have to end with this note: Change is constant. Let’s not try to fight it.

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  1. General improvement in Davao City would surely deteriorate if the Duterte’s political leadership will be gone from the City. Their leadership for me is very serious and dedicated, unlike the other camps. The Duterte leadership fights against wrongdoers and law-breakers, unlike the other camps where they are just showing off their dole-outs. Service may have dole-outs, but it should also have the will and teeth to run after the scalawag law-breakers in our society.
    Change should not be the by-word, because it may be for the worse or worst; but IMPROVEMENT FOR THE BETTER is better. I believe the Dutertes have a lot to undertake for the better, but at least they are more reliable than other camps.

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