A Taste of Manila's Sisig

I really don’t know why, but I found myself looking for the best sisig in Manila. I ordered sisig at every opportunity and I never failed to compare it with the sisig I know – that of Davao.


My first sisig experience in Manila was in Iceberg. Did I hear someone screaming “Whaaat?!”? Fine, Iceberg specializes in ice cream preparations and desserts, but it would not hurt to try their sisig. After all, they have a huge tarp outside their store advertising the dish. Now, how was their sisig? PhP 158 filled with lots (and lots) of onion.

And I thought I cannot find any more onions in a plate of sisig. Steak Break has actually succeeded to surpass Iceberg’s sisig’s onion content. Was it because its price, which is PhP 55, can’t really afford pork in Manila?

I gave sisig in Manila another try in Pugad Dencio’s (different from our Dencio’s Kamayan here). Their version is priced at PhP 134. The verdict: so-so.

Where (oh where) can I find a sisig that would please my palate?

Then I found Razon’s of Guagua which, (despite not giving us extra sugar for its halo-halo – that’s a different story) offered me what I was looking for – the sisig that made my mouth very happy (yum yum). At PhP 149, it tastes just the way I like it.

After finding Razon’s, I learned that sisig is actually a Kapampangan dish. Although the sisig capital of the Philippines is said to be Angeles City of Pampanga, its neighbor Guagua surely did not fail its province.

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