HSBC Reversed My Annual Fee!

Weeh! HSBC just called to inform me that they are reversing my annual fee, which is already posted in my online account summary and is due this month. I got my HSBC Visa credit card last year, with a waived annual fee for the first year, a Timex watch and a Dunlop watch (see why I had 2 free watches). So, you could just imagine my delight when I learned that I get to use my card for another year for free.

Last month, I emailed HSBC to ask how I can charge my annual fee against my rewards points. I had enough to cover my annual fee and a few reward items. But a representative from HSBC called me yesterday and said that, in recognition of my good standing with their bank, they will be reversing my annual fee without charging it against my rewards points! That’s great!

I guess it’s time to re-visit their Rewards Catalogue. 😀

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