A Dabawenyo in Manila

Let me interrupt my wife’s blog again to share with you my thoughts. I’m sure she would not mind. 😉

It’s 10:00 PM on my watch, and I have mixed emotions right now. On one hand, I feel like a bigshot businessman traveling with an endless budget (disclaimer: my company is paying for all of my expenses, but within a specified budget). But at the same time, I feel so sad and alone because I don’t have my wife beside me in this trip. Any travel experience of mine will never be complete without my wife.

Still, I’ll try to survive this ordeal by focusing on my seminar and studies. I’ll worry about those things tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to try and enjoy the trip as much as I can. I don’t get to travel for free very often, you know. 🙂

I waited about 25 minutes to board the plane past noontime. Considering that this was a Philippine Airlines flight I was taking, the wait was surprisingly short. In fact, there were no delays whatsoever. What a relief!

Unfortunately, nothing fancy happened between departure and arrival. It was a boring flight to be honest: no frills, no games, no in-flight movie. So basically, I slept throughout the entire flight, save for snack time. Their snack special: biscuits and water. Geez, talk about cost cutting! I can still remember my first PAL flight seven years ago when they served imported cookies and juice.

Takeoff and landing were flawless, so I am extending my kudos to the pilot and flight crew of PAL flight PR812.

My bigshot businessman mode kicked in at about 3:45 PM, when I arranged for a car rental service to bring me to Torre Venezia in Timog, Quezon City. For your info, I wrote parts of this blog in a white Innova! But I had to stop because my laptop battery was going to die down in a few minutes.

Torre Venezia was a very difficult hotel to find, because practically no one had any idea where it was located. Even the security guard assigned 2 blocks from the hotel was not familiar with the name. Nevertheless, I arrived without any lengthy delays. I’ll post another blog about the hotel in a few days, after I’ve gotten a better feel of the facilities.

Hubby in Torre Venezia, QC
Hubby in Torre Venezia, Quezon City

But there are two things that you might want to know about the hotel. First, it’s so new that they only have 1 maintenance personnel and 1 housekeeping staff! That means I’ve already met 100% of their support staff. LOL! And second, most of the 2-bedroom units have defective doorknobs. I went through 5 room changes because the bedroom doorknobs were either stuck or damaged. Good thing those two employees were very dedicated to their “craft”, and never left my side until the whole mess was ironed out.

Right now, I’m just waiting for my roommate to arrive. I have nothing better to do, hence my sudden appearance in this blog.

To my wife: I miss you so much. Thank God for WiFi and the Internet to keep the distance seem small.

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  1. Wow…The hubby knows how to write too!!!! and not just “KNOWS” how to write… but REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY knows how to write!!!!

    Maka ibog man pud mong duha.hehehehe.

    No wonder the wife, terribly misses the hubby already, after, only a day of being away from each other pa lang.HAHAHA. 5 weeks and 5 days to go leh.hehehe

    NICE. very NICE. i mean the BLOG.not your being away from each other.hehehe.

    this makes me wanna get a husband too.hahaha

  2. na lock ka sa loob ng room noh heheehe:D

  3. Amai,

    Salamat sa comments. Makabukad ug atay imohang comments ha. Hehe.


    Hindi ako na-lock sa kwarto no! Siniguro ko muna na ok ang mga doors before ako nag-confirm ng room na gusto ko. Alam mo na… ka-OC-han. 🙂

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