Our First WiFi Experience

… was unsuccessful. 🙁

I’m sure my hubby has a better way of saying this. Check it out below.


As I said in my previous post, my sister handed me her still-functional laptop (circa 2004) complete with wireless connection. “WiFi?”, I asked myself. As a self-professed computer geek, it was weird for me to ask a very simple question that even a high school student nowadays can answer. Still, it has been years since I last used my web programming skills to good use.

So, there we were (my wife and I) at Karlo’s Coffee Station in Jack’s Ridge last night, and we were very eager to put our laptop to the WiFi test.

Laptop WiFi Test
Putting our ASUS Laptop to the WiFi test

(By the way, click here to read my wife’s post about our dining experience in Jack’s Ridge and Karlo’s Coffee Station.)

The screen read “No wireless networks were found in range”. Ack! We were instructed to click the “Refresh Network List” button to see an updated list of available wireless networks. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I tried to change the network settings to no avail. I didn’t want to ask the cafe staff because I really didn’t want to appear ignorant (what, with my ASUS Laptop? No way!). So I wandered desperately through the Windows Control Panel, trying to find that glimmer of hope, but alas! It was nowhere to be found.

In short, the whole experience went from testing the laptop to testing my patience.

I hereby declare that our first attempt for a WiFi experience was unsuccessful. On to the next WiFi hotspot, then…

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  1. As frustrated as my husband was, I brought the laptop to Ateneo de Davao, which has WiFi coverage in its campus. I asked the help of some friends and finally got the connection we so wanted. 😀

    Thanks to Engr. Ed Faller of the Engineering and Architecture Division for sharing his expertise with us. He configured our WiFi connection and even updated the anti-virus database.


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