Another Year In Jack's Ridge

Before anything else, let’s have the main reason for this entry first.

Happy Birthday, Papu!

We presented several options to my father for the venue of his birthday celebration, ranging from the Apo View to Buffet Palace to Whaw or Banok’s, but his choice remained to be his all-time favorite — Jack’s Ridge at the top of Shrine Hills, where the view is simply magnificent. I think this was also where we celebrated his birthday last year. Nevertheless, we let the celebrator have what he wanted.

We arrived at Jack’s Ridge a bit early, around 4 PM, since my father wanted to see the landscape rather than just the city lights at night. The Taklobo Restaurant opens at 5 PM, so we stayed in Karlo’s Coffee Station first and had Karloccino, Iced Mocha Latte and Tropical Cupcake. I would have enjoyed the cake if I like fruit cakes, but I don’t. I would have to go for the Choco Chip Cupcake next time.

papu-bday 031

The Tropical Cupcake at the Karlo’s Coffee Station priced at P67.20

For dinner at the Taklobo, we had kare kare, sinugbang tiyan ng bariles, tinolang seafoods, sizzling sisig, sotanghon guisado, chicken wings, maiz con hielo, rice and drinks for P2,000. I would say that if only for the location and its amenities, the price is already worth it, but the food is also great and the service is commendable.

We have been to this place over and again, and they never fail to give us a reason to come back. 😉

papu-bday 041

My brother and his son viewing the city through a telescope

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  1. Ansarap naman tingnan nung cupcake, pero ang mahal nga lang. Hehe…

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