Davao City Council Pushes Implementation of Anti-Spitting Ordinance

Remember the anti-spitting regulation that the Sangguniang Panglungsod passed in the middle of last year? Dabawenyos were wondering why the law has not been taken into action yet. Apparently, our local politicians are thinking the same.

This is the reason why the Davao City Council Committee on Health recently pushed for the full implementation of the Anti-Spitting Ordinance of Davao City. The ordinance took effect on August 2009, but we still see a number of people spitting in public places all over the city.

Councilor Samuel Bangoy, who chairs the committee, stated the gist of the ordinance as such:

No person or persons shall carelessly or intentionally spit saliva, phlegm, mucus, or other substances from the mouth in the city streets, alleys, sidewalks, parks, malls, markets, streets, public carriers, public halls, and buildings, banks, public squares, terminals, shopping and business centers, schools, churches, hospital, and other similar public places within the City of Davao.

The law aims to minimize the spread of illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. The City Health Office will spearhead information dissemination programs to advocate the health hazards of spitting.


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