Windows 10 Tips: How To Forget a Wi-Fi Network

If you’re a Windows user, then you’ve probably known about the release of Windows 10 last year. So far, I have been enjoying the much-improved user interface of this latest Windows iteration.

However, one Windows 10 issue that haunted me for quite some time was the difficulty in connecting to a Wi-Fi network that was accessible in the past but has recently changed its network password. The fastest way to re-enter a new network security key is to “forget” the Wi-Fi network, which was fairly easy in Windows 8 but practically hidden in Windows 10.

If you have been experiencing this problem and haven’t found a solution, here is a step-by-step guide on how to forget a Wi-Fi network so that you can enter a new network password:

Step 1

On the Windows 10 desktop screen, move the mouse pointer to the small upward arrow (or caret) at the right portion of the bottom taskbar. Then, click the Wi-Fi icon to see the available networks nearby.


Step 2

On the popup slider that appears, click “Network settings”.


Step 3

The Wireless Network Connection window will appear on the screen. The page contains all of the available Wi-Fi networks within your area.


Step 4

Scroll down the page and click “Manage Wi-Fi settings”.


Step 5

The Manage Wi-Fi Settings window will pop up. You will see the Wi-Fi Sense panel first.


Step 6

Scroll down the window to the “Manage known networks” portion. This contains a list of WiFi networks that your device has connected to in the past.


Step 7

Click the Wi-Fi network whose security key you want to change. The tab will expand to reveal two buttons. Click “Forget”.


Step 8

Close the Manage Wi-Fi settings window and repeat Step 1. Find the network that you want to connect to. This time, you can enter a new network security key.



I hope this quick reference can help you connect your Windows 10 laptop to your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot again.

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