Browhaus in Davao for Quick and Pain-Free Threading

Let me start with a confession: Having my eyebrows threaded is not really one of my favorite things to do. So why this post right? Hahaha!

It’s not that I don’t like well-groomed brows. I like to have my eyebrows kept in shape, but the process is usually painful and time-consuming — and this is more than enough reason for me to settle for plucking my brows myself (that is, when I have the time) or having it shaved at a parlor (of course, we all know the results are not long lasting and the process comes with a high risk of getting cut).

What I did not realize then were: (1) shaving does not really help me achieve the right brow shape for my face, and (2) my previous threading sessions were painful and long because I did not have it done by real experts.

Browhaus Davao

When I heard about Browhaus: The Brow Salon opening a branch in Abreeza Mall, I was more than happy to give it a try. After all, what’s another session of eyebrow torture, right? WRONG. I prepared myself for pain, tears and total redness over my eyes — but all these DID NOT happen.

Brow architects at Browhaus train for months before they are given the chance to take a skills test. Only after they pass the tests would they be able to touch a client’s brows. Ms. Monique of Browhaus even said they would rather have a shortage of personnel than compromise the quality of their services.

before (above) and after (below) Browhaus threading session
before (above) and after (below) Browhaus threading session

They also use special thread imported from Singapore, not the kind used to make clothes, and offer a line of products to help you maintain great brows until your next visit.

The Classic Threading service costs P598, which is pricier than most (if not all) basic brow shaping services currently offered here in Davao. However, the process was so quick and almost pain-free that I had to share the good news of having Browhaus in Davao to all the friends I met in the office after my session.

Browhaus Abreeza

Also, as an opening treat, Browhaus Abreeza is offering 50% OFF until October 4, 2013.

Check Browhaus’ menu of services:

Brow Services

  • Classic Threading – P598
  • Modern Tweezing – P598
  • Color Tweak – P950
  • Browgraphy (shaping and color tweak) – P1,298
  • Brow Resurrection (semi-permanent brow enhancement)
    • For Full Brows – P38,000
    • For Lengthening – P25,000
    • Tune up: Maintenance – P7,500

Lash services

  • Express Lash in Bloom Extension (cluster) – P2,750
  • Lash in Bloom Extension (strand by strand) – P3,800
  • Lash Curl Up – P2,200
  • Lashgraphy Color – P1,150

Other Services

  • Threading
    • Forehead – P320
    • Upper Lip – P200
    • Lower Lip – P200
    • Cheeks – P320
    • Sideburns – P640
    • Chin – P320
    • Sideburns + Chin – P900
    • Fingers – P260
    • Complete Workout – P1,600

Browhaus opening promo

Browhaus: The Brow Salon
3rd Floor, Abreeza Corporate Center (Abreeza Mall expansion)
J.P. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City
Tel: (082) 327-0038

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  1. It’s uber expensive! hahahaha… I usually have my brows threaded once a month 😉 i dont pluck or shave… I have no idea how… lol. It costs me 10aed lang. approx 120pesos. hehehe…

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