Yoh Froz Celebrates Health Through Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt is undoubtedly one of the hippest health food choices for this generation. We’re happy to see healthy foods served like sinfully delicious treats, and frozen yogurt is no exception.

Yoh Froz at F. Torres Street

Yoh Froz is a frozen yogurt shop that isn’t afraid to declare the importance of health. From its clean white colors to its health reminders posted on the walls, Yoh Froz makes it clear that eating yogurt will make you healthy.

Yoh Froz celebrates health by serving frozen yogurt

But of course, our visit to Yoh Froz wasn’t about improving our health, but rather stuffing our mouths with the coolness and chill of frozen yogurt. We delighted ourselves to two unique Yoh Froz offerings: Nutty for Cheesecake Froz (P150) and Banoffee Pie Froz (P120). We haven’t tried frozen yogurt with cheesecake or banoffee pie in the past, so this yogurt experience was memorable.

Nutty For Cheesecake Froz at Yoh FrozYoh Froz has white interiors laced with splashes of baby blue

The two frozen yogurt preparations were so rich and decadent! We loved the creamy yogurt complementing the crusty texture of banoffee pie, and we went nuts over the combination of cheesecake cubes, blueberry and almonds on top of frozen yogurt.

Banoffee Froz Pie at Yoh Froz

Yoh Froz also offers Yoh-Gurt Parfait (P175), Yoh-Gurt Smoothies (P125 to P135), Belgian Waffles (P135) and Frozen Yoh-Gurt Bars (P70).


Yoh Froz
Davao Autoville Center, F. Torres Street, Davao City
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  1. The Nutty Cheesecake Froz looks really yummy. I loved White Hat, but I might try this too 🙂

  2. It’s expensive. can’t afford. LoL!

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