Billabong Brings the Surfing Lifestyle to Davao

“Life is better in boardshorts” – or so says those who’ve heeded the call of the surf. For them, surfing is a way of life and therein lies the appeal of not only the sport but the fashion behind it as well.

No longer bound by the loud (read: Hawaiian shirts) and semi-derelict look, today’s surf style revolves around the concepts of form and fashion. This means the look is still largely made up of equal parts comfort and utilitarian ease, but with a generous dash of style that can easily go from the beach to the streets.

This fusion of understated functionality and style is what defines Billabong. It has everything from standout bikinis to casual tops, jeans and hoodies; to highlight collections such as the Platinum X Series (performance boardshorts with quad-stretch and laser seam technology); to clothing inspired by icons such as Bob Marley, Dave Rastovich and Andy Davis.

“Billabong embraces the lifestyle identified with its collections by offering art-driven designs and even organic, eco-friendly lines,” says Freddy Gonzalez, President of Freesurf, Inc, the exclusive distributor of Billabong in the Philippines. Case in point is Billabong’s Recycler Series, a boardshorts line made out of recycled PET bottles. Since starting in 2007, an estimated 38 million bottles have been used in Billabong’s recycled boardshorts program.

Billabong’s humble beginnings started in 1973 when Australian Gordon S. Merchant sold hand-cut surfing shorts in small shops around the beach. Today, Billabong is one of the world’s top youth culture brands with it sold in many countries from North America, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America, Brazil and Asia. Here in the Philippines, one can experience the unique lifestyle offered by Billabong as one of the flagship stores of Freesurf, Inc.

As this world-renowned brand continues its expansion into key cities in the Philippines, Billabong’s recent opening in Davao certainly gives shoppers something to be excited about. Located at Abreeza Mall, the Billabong store is the perfect place to visit for anybody who lives by the laid-back lifestyle the brand embodies.

“It’s almost a cliche to say that surfing is a way of life but it really is. Everything from the way you see things, to the habits you have, and down to the clothes you wear reflect the surf lifestyle. After all, life is definitely better in board shorts,” ends Gonzalez.

Visit Billabong Davao at Unit 2112-2112A 2nd floor, Abreeza Mall, Bajada, Davao City, call (+6382) 321.1915 or visit
Photos and Text from Billabong


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