Kapatagan Invasion: Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside

Picturesque setting of Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside

Amidst the busy urban lifestyle in hometown Davao City, there lies a picturesque and serene destination in Kapatagan, Digos City. This quaint barangay is slowly turning out to be a tourist-friendly site. One of the best attractions in Kapatagan is a resort complex called Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside.

Hubby standing on a camping site and amidst the camp houses in Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and HillsideWifey sitting on a bench along Lake Mirror at Camp@Tagan

The uphill resort is a property of Philip Dizon, who also owns Davao Crocodile Park and Maxima Aquafun & Canopy Tours. From the looks of his properties, it shows how Mr. Dizon is enthusiastic about turning the Davao region into an eco-adventure spot. And why not? The Davao region is a relatively untapped wealth of natural resources and beautiful landscapes.

Camp houses along Lake Mirror in Camp@Tagan

Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside is a two-part campsite complex. The lower level portion is set against a small body of water called Lake Mirror. This location has a number of camp houses, each able to house two to four people. Campers who are more outdoorsy can set up tents on the conveniently provided camping grounds.

Camp houses inside Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and HillsideInterior of camp houses in Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside

What sets this apart from other camping sites is the magnificent view of Lake Mirror. Along with fellow Davao bloggers, we got the chance to ride a boat, and paddle over Lake Mirror. The boat ride was short, but it is poised to become a potential romantic moment for future visitors of Lake Mirror.

Enjoy a boat ride in Lake Mirror at Camp@Tagan

Meanwhile, the second section of the campsite complex is Hillside, which is situated on — yes, you guessed it right — a hilltop in Kapatagan. This high altitude campsite gives visitors a panoramic sky-high view of Kapatagan.

Female bloggers posing on a breathtaking scenery of Kapatagan, from inside Camp@Tagan Hillside

The easiest way to reach Camp@Tagan is through private transportation. The site is two hours from downtown Davao City, or one hour from the center of Digos City. You may also ride a public utility van from Digos Terminal to Kapatagan. Be ready with your jacket, because you will definitely feel the chilling breeze of Kapatagan especially in the morning.

Ongoing construction of more camp houses in Camp@Tagan Hillside

Expansion of this campsite complex is in progress, with more camp houses being built. But at this early stage of development, Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside is open to campers who want a momentary escape from the typical urban life.

Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside, Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur


Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside
(formerly Mount Apo Highland Resort)
Kapatagan, Digos City
Phone: (082) 300-8636, (082) 286-8883
Mobile: 09298256606, 09228569792
Visit their Facebook page

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  1. ka nindot sa lugar oi.. nindot suroyan..

  2. Really a nice respite from a busy urban life. 🙂

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  3. asa mana dapit sa digos???? gusto ko mo adto diha??pila ang magasto if mag overnyt stay???

  4. amazing place!!!!! may I know how much is the entrance fee and the rate of the cottages? my family might be visiting the place in the weekend!


    • Hi, mel rub. You can check the link we posted on a previous comment (in reply to Gretchen) or you may call Camp@Tagan using the numbers we provided in the post for more information. Thanks for visiting DavaoBase!

  5. nice place,.
    alam mo ba prices ng rooms nila?
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  6. may we know the latest room rates and also for the rides?


  7. ride and roomrates..anyone???help!

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  9. how much are the overnight stay fee and fee for bringing own tent (preferably in Php please)

  10. Hello everyone. For updates on rates and packages, you may contact Camp@Tagan through the numbers listed above. Thanks for dropping by!


  12. I would like to know a budget for four if we were to book at your hotel good for 4 . including tours say
    overnight stay. could we do all the tours in a day ?

  13. Pls quote rates in Pesos .

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