Kapatagan Invasion: Agong House and Tibolo Village

Kapatagan is slowly gaining ground as the prime destination for tourists who want to appreciate nature at its finest. We bore witness to the grandiose landscapes of this humble barangay in Digos City.

House and landscape in Tibolo Village, Kapatagan

One of the sites to visit in Kapatagan is Tibolo Village, an unassuming field that is home to the local Bagobo tribe. You can talk with the locals there about their heritage and the history of their village. Get pampered by the cool breeze in Tibolo Village while sipping brewed coffee grown by the residents.

Huge two-storey house with visitors area in Tibolo Village, KapataganGoing up to Tibolo Village in Kapatagan

Another noteworthy location in Kapatagan is the Agong House. This wide landscape features statues and sculptures by the famed local artist Kublai Millan. We enjoyed the quirky characters scattered all over the field, as well as the cold winds blowing through the entire area.

Playground in the Skies at Kapatagan

Kublai sculptures at the Agong House area in Kapatagan

Agong House View Deck in KapataganBloggers on Playground in the Skies at Kapatagan

Visitors are free to roam around both Tibolo Village and Agong House. So start marking your calendars and take a trip to Kapatagan soon. 🙂

Wifey at the Agong House area in KapataganAmazing Kublai statues in Agong House at KapataganHubby posing with Kublai statues praising the skies in Agong House area at Kapatagan

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