Pepper & Peppers Relaunches With Potential Favorites

Iberian Chicken: The queen of all dishes at Pepper & Peppers

Perfectly seasoned. Fall-off-the-bones succulent. Feel free to bask in the glorious goodness of Iberian Chicken, pictured above.

This is just one of the signature dishes being offered by Pepper & Peppers, a quaint restaurant situated at The Site along Jacinto Extension. It’s at the back of Davao Central Convenience Store, so try to drive by slowly so that you won’t miss it.

Pepper & Peppers at The Site, Jacinto Extension, Davao City

And boy, you better not miss this restaurant in your “Restaurants To Brag About” checklist (if, by chance, you have one!). Their Iberian Chicken is simply one of the best chicken dishes in Davao. Our verdict on Pepper & Peppers’ unique dish more than two years ago still holds true to this day:

Superb! Yes, the dish was oh-so-sinful, with the whole chicken sitting in oil. But the calories are worth every bite. The meat was very tender and flavorful, as the salty and sour sensations mixed with the garlic and spices. I’m reminded of Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken, but cooked like pork humba.

Wifey and I were fortunate enough to revisit Pepper & Peppers with fellow Davao bloggers, and take the first bite on their new menu offerings. Guided by manager and chef Chiqui Aportadera, we sank our teeth into each of the dishes presented to us.

Pumpkin Soup at Pepper & PeppersCaesar Salad at Pepper & Peppers

For starters, you can never go wrong with soup and salad. We were served Pumpkin Soup and Caesar Salad, which were up to par with those served in hotels and upscale restaurants. A first time customer who starts with the Pumpkin Soup will definitely expect a lovely dining experience.

Beef Salpicao at Pepper & Peppers

Although it is listed as an appetizer, Beef Salpicao can stand on its own as main course. In fact, save for Iberian Chicken, this was the most flavorful dish on the lot. The intensely marinated / seasoned beef strips were cooked with mushrooms and huge cloves of garlic. Yummy!

Bagnet at Pepper & Peppers: Ddeep fried pork belly with vinegar and bagoong dip

Baby Back Ribs at Pepper & Peppers

And now, the house specialties. Baby Back Ribs was everything you would expect from such a recipe: velvety soft pork ribs infused with honey and hickory sauce. Meanwhile, Bagnet (or deep fried pork belly with vinegar and bagoong dip) was a knockout winner, with its ultra-crispy skin and tender meat.

Seafood Pasta at Pepper & PeppersCrispy Fried Steak with gravy at Pepper & Peppers

We were lucky to have sampled Seafood Pasta, which was served with generous portions of seafood and parmesan cheese. Hats off also to their Crispy Fried Steak with gravy, although its taste pales in comparison to their juggernaut house specials.

It’s good to know that the current resto runners Allen Aportadera, Brian Bonguyan and Peter Abella were able to maintain the savory goodness of Iberian Chicken, along with their new menu offerings. Pepper & Peppers definitely merits repeat visits, especially with its superb food choices that are bound to become Dabawenyo favorites.


Pepper & Peppers
The Site, Jacinto Extension, Davao City
Phone (082) 221-1396
Visit them on Facebook:

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  1. yum yum 🙂

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  3. YUUUUMMY! I love the Salpicao. 🙂

  4. really want to try this! 🙂 reaing this post makes me want to try their food even more 😀

  5. very nice pics! nakakagutom! i remembered the beef salpicao and bagnet…my faves!

  6. Hi, kathy. Thanks! Yes, their beef salpicao and bagnet are really good. Yummy talaga. Parang ginutom din tuloy ako. Hehe.

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