Nintendo Wii: Our Newest Baby

The start of 2011 became a return to childhood of sorts for us, as we found ourselves loving Nintendo Wii. Wifey and I were able to try Wii for the first time on Christmas eve, and instantly loved the cute console.

That is why before the year 2010 ended, we purchased our very own Nintendo Wii! 🙂

Nintendo Wii console, with remote and nunchuck controller

The Game Gear Davao package: Wii console with 320 GB hard drive, two remotes and two nunchuck controllersPlaying Wii Sports tennis on our Toshiba Regza 32" LCD TV

Thanks to the folks at Game Gear in Gaisano Mall of Davao for giving us a great offer (with discount at that) and unmatched after-sales service. We recently returned to the store to complain about a Wii game that wasn’t running properly. Without batting an eyelash, they immediately offered to replace the game. Plus points also to them for instantly recognizing us when we entered the store.


Right now, our Wii love goes out to Wii Sports, which rekindled our love for bowling. When we played this game for the first time, it was with family. Check out this video of Ate Elma holding the Wii console remote for the first time, and being SO intense in her playing!

Also recently discovered was Mario Kart Wii, which is a highly addictive racing game featuring the famous Super Mario Brothers characters. 🙂

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  1. Wow, that’s so good.

    I wish I could have one too this year.

  2. WoW! I would like to try the Wii one of these days.. perhaps in your house? how much does this cost?

    • Hello faust! The basic package (Wii console + 1 remote + 1 nunchuck) is about P12,500. But we got ours for about P15,000, which consists of the basic package plus another pair of remote + nunchuck, 320 GB external hard drive with preinstalled Wii games, and a Wii sports pack. 🙂

      • Sir our wii was brought from US…my bro plugged it directly to 220v…after almost 1 hr ou using it, it suddently went dead…di n tlga xa mg.on…can u gve me an idea how to repair or where to repair it? Thank you

      • Sir asa pwd mkrepair sa wii?thank you

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