Coollo Milkshake Float With Coffee Jello at NCCC Mall Davao

While the frozen yogurt craze has taken Davao City by storm, a new concept in cold beverages is starting to emerge. Let’s welcome the coffee jello drinks!

Coollo refreshing milkshake flavors: Dutch Choco and English Chocovanilla

We recently visited NCCC Mall Davao and came across Coollo, a new refreshment stand that sells milkshake floats with coffee jello. Say what?!? Yup, their bestselling product is made up of three main elements. It’s an ice-blended milkshake sitting on a bed of coffee jello and topped with soft ice cream.

We sampled two tall glasses of their ultimate bestsellers: Dutch Choco and English Chocovanilla. The drink was heavy — and I mean literally heavy, like it weighed half a kilo! I instantly knew that this drink wasn’t for the faint-hearted (or for diabetics). One tall glass can fill the stomach of an average person, in my opinion.

Coollo English Chocovanilla MilkshakePerfect pair: Coollo milkshakes Dutch Choco and English Chocovanilla

However, if you love ice cream and chocolate-based drinks, then you’ll definitely love Coollo. I loved the taste of chocolate and vanilla ice cream on my mouth, while the coffee jello provided an exciting texture to the drink. And I got all of that from just the first sip. 🙂

Coollo milkshake floats are perfect for the sweet tooth and for those who crave for the ultimate sugar rush.

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  1. Sobrang sarap! Pero feeling ko yung mga mahilig sa chocolate at sa matamis lang ang masarapan. Kasi matamis at rich masyado yung chocolate. Mmmm…

  2. WOW! I loooove coffee jelly. Will try that soon.

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