Blue Yogo Made Us Love Frozen Yogurt!

Blue Yogo Strawberry Frozen Yogurt (photo from Patrick Chen)I never thought I’d say this, but here it goes: I love yogurt.

I’m not really a healthy eater. Just look at my Top 3 cravings: lechon kawali, double cheeseburger, and ice cream. It was a welcome surprise when I discovered Blue Yogo in SM City Davao recently. At first, I was discouraged by the term “healthy” drink, which usually meant “bland taste” or “yucky” to me.

When we tried the Strawberry Yogo (that’s frozen yogurt with strawberry syrup), Wifey and I instantly fell in love! We savored the creaminess of the yogurt, and the sweet-sour delight of strawberry. I was also able to try the Blueberry variant, but Strawberry is still top on our list.

What’s great with Blue Yogo is its branding. It looks like a Metro Manila brand, but is actually a locally born startup business. We at DavaoBase are so happy to hear about a Davao-based brand slowly emerging amidst the competition.

assorted 035.JPGHubby: Image model of Blue Yogo at SM City Davao?

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  1. I agree. Sarap nga ng strawberry nila! Davao brand diay ni? 🙂

  2. Their Strawberry is a contender to KFC’s Strawberry Krusher (which, honestly, is creamer, and so, much tastier. hehe) but their Blueberry is a refreshing choice. I like the fact that you can make your own personal mix. Would love to try their kiwi. Thanks for this post Cuz Lei/Chit. Ü Happy eating, kaya lang lumalaki na kayo! Hehe. Pa share naman. Ü

  3. Ayos! there’s another thing to look forward to… Yogurt dito is so in. I mean, ibang lahi eats too much yogurt! Imagine meron sa market 1kg of fresh yogurt, and people buy it! waaaa! I am learning to like it too.. well, the flavored ones that is! 🙂

  4. Interesting post. I’ll give their yogurt a try when I visit SM next time.

  5. Same lang ito sa Yogo?!??

  6. how much is your franchisee fee and ur initial and royalty fee?

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