Taps: Breakfast Capital Of Davao

TAPS outlet in Matina Town SquareAs far as my childhood memory takes me, Taps has been in the business of serving hot breakfast meals in Davao City. Owned and operated by the Lizadas, the fast food outlet has rooted itself into the hunger pangs of Dabawenyos for decades. Despite the birth (and fallout) of dozens of restaurants, Taps is still in the hearts of local residents.

Taps offers an overwhelmingly long list of rice meals to choose from. Name it! They have practically every type of fried breakfast food on their menu. All plate meals are served with fried rice (sinangag) and egg (itlog).

While the king of the Taps meals is Tapsilog (beef tapa, sinangag at itlog), my favorite has got to be Lekasilog (lechon kawali, sinangag at itlog)! Forget your cholesterol level for a while, and just savor the juicy goodness of deep-fried pork belly slices with hot garlic rice and fresh fried egg. Yummy!

Lekasilog at TAPS

Other favorites include Tosilog (pork tocino), Bangsilog (bangus / milkfish), and Chosilog (pork chorizo). Don’t forget the uniquely named Primasilog (pritong manok / fried chicken)!

TAPS: Busog-Pinoy!Tosilog (Tocino, Sinangag at Itlog) at TAPSLekasilog, up close and personal


Taps serves daily in several branches around the metro:

  • F. Torres Street (Beside Kasagingan Kapehan)
  • McArthur Highway (inside Matina Town Square)
  • Bolton Street (fronting Merco and Jollibee)
  • Sta. Ana Avenue (near Holy Cross of Davao College)
  • Palma Gil Street (fronting People’s Park)
  • Gov. Duterte Street (near Davao Doctors Hospital).

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  1. My favorites are Basilog and Tosilog! 🙂

  2. hai,
    I am very interested to know if Taps Davao is open for franchising???my husband loves it really..i guess people here in butuan city will love it too…pls. send me the requirements and advise us on what to do..i hope u do welcome franchising..

  3. i hope to hear from you very soon..email me…God bless and more power…

  4. breakfast foods should always be high in carbohydrates to provide the energy you need in the morning.

  5. TAPS BOLTON BRANCH… POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! ! mga crew ninyo hindi tsinicheck ang TAKE-OUT items. tatanga tanga pati yung matandang waitress ninyo!!! BAKIT KAYO TUMANGGAP NG MATANDA? kulang na nga ang TAKE-OUT item, wala pang refund, wala ding apology!!! terible talaga kayo! TSK TSK TSK. BAD TRIP !!!

  6. whats wrong if they hire old people? you are very disrespectful, nats kie. you will grow old too. when that day comes, pray that no one treats you the way you treat old people now.

  7. I miss their LeKaSi.

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