Abreeza To Bring New Brands To Davao City

Update: Read our posts about the opening of Abreeza on May 12, as well as an updated list of Abreeza shops and stores.


Being a mall lover, I became excited when I first heard the news about the installation of an Ayala Mall here in Davao. It will be called Abreeza, which is touted as an eco-friendly shopping destination and business park.

Abreeza: An Ayala Mall in Davao City

Abreeza will carry brand new stores that Davaoenos will enjoy for the first time locally. What I am most excited about is the arrival of Starbucks (FINALLY!). Other food joints to be hosted by Abreeza are Bread Talk, Cafe Laguna, Italianni’s, Lemon Grass and TGIF.

I’m also happy that Fully Booked is putting up its shelves in the city. I believe it stocks the most number of book titles in the widest array of genres. I hope Power Books decides to come to our shores next, because this will definitely increase the number of bookworms in Davao.

Meanwhile, clothing and fashion stores to debut in Abreeza are Aldo, Celio, Hot Flops, Lucerne, New York 101, Pedro, Promod, Store Specialties, Inc., XOXO, and Zara.

Abreeza: A Joint Venture of AyalaLand and Anflocor

Abreeza is slated to operate on May 2011, while construction of its second level will continue until the end of that year.

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  1. Next year na diay ni? I like! 🙂

  2. Go Go Davao! Sana tuloy tuloy na ito for Davao. Davao is a great city pero parang napag-iiwanan na tayo ng ibang Mindanao cities sa dami ng mga new attractions nila. Sayang kasi malaki pa ang untapped potential ng Davao.

  3. Hi…Wanted to now sana saan ako pwd mag inquire regarding space for rent ng abreeza, wanted to rent for massage a business..

  4. Good day! I wanted to know where we can rent a spaces used for food carts and lotto outlet in Abreeza Mall. May I know their contact. nos. and where is their offices located? Tnx.

  5. wlay kwarta mga tao kron wla nay mag shopping!! ampay sa mga street children mag suroy2 dha!

  6. Wow!! Zara will open it’s first branch outside Manila in Davao??? This is unbelievable.

    Lacoste and Mango must have been tremendously successful there..

  7. josedevie c. villa

    inquire lang kong saan tayo mg kuha info regarding bussiness space rentals.

  8. Davao is fast catching up with the other cities in the Philippines. It is the 4th city in the Philippines next to Quezon City, Makati and Manila that earns billions of pesos. No wonder why other international brands are putting up their branches in the city. Kudos to Dabawenyos!

  9. inquiries about space rentals for abreeza mallfor clothing line and i wonder if we need to bid for the spaces..
    also like to ask for any contact nos. to whom we can ask for details ie;monthly rentals and etc. hope to hear from you!

  10. where can I inquire about the space for lease?

  11. I wonder who provided the image of the miniature model, it won’t look exactly that way when the building is finished since the image only shows the preliminary design. There have been several alterations now.

    Anyways, if you wish to inquire for leasing requirements, i believe the administration office for Abreeza will soon open at the second level of the building. But for now there is a temporary facility located inside the site where business transactions are held.

  12. OMG! Zara iN abreeza Mall.. That’s So Cool.. Cant Wait For iT To Open:D

  13. I want to inquire for a store space..Please let me know how can i get in touch with them thanks!

  14. wow..very nice to hear. this will definitely bring more jobs for davao.

  15. I want to inquire for a store space..Please let me know how can i get in touch with them thanks!

  16. please send me info about renting a space please..thank you…

  17. just wanna ask how true is it that there will be also a call center on your own on the building?

  18. I want to inquire for a store space..Please let me know how can i get in touch with them thanks!

  19. please send me info about renting a space please. thanks

  20. Hi, can u please help me how can I contact abreeza regarding on space rental. Thank U and God bless

  21. guys! for those who are planning to rent a space, and need a Point-of-Sale software, kindly contact us. We install the cheapest P.O.S system in the city!

    (082) 286-0745

  22. As i heard the news more international brands soon to open at the Ayala mall Davao. I currently worked here in abroad as a store manager of an International brands for almost 10 years. probably next year going back to davao for good. do i have chance to work and be hired in the same position in one of those brands mentioned at the news there in davao though my age is quitely older than the required qualification?

    • To everyone asking about space rentals, please refer to the answer of southern breeze above. Thanks, southern breeze for the helpful reply. 🙂

      @dody: You can always try. 😉

  23. What else is going to open in abreeza besides
    Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks Coffee, Italianni’s, TGI Fridays, Teriyaki Boy, Cafe Laguna, Bread Talk, Hukad Restaurant, Lemon Grass, Debenhams, Mark and Spencer, Zara, Nine West, Xoxo, Red Mango, Lucerne, Promod, New York 101 and Powermac Center??

  24. madayaw! wish ko lang may store ng MAC cosmetics

    im so excited hehehe

    saan pwede maka inquire if may store ang MAC sa Abreeza

  25. May Forever 21 din sana =)

  26. as for BPO call center that will be put up in abreeza, im pretty sure its gonna be CONVERGYS since the company always put up their sites in ayala lands from makati all the way to cebu and bacolod. been working in one of the sites of convergys for more than 5 yrs and its been the companys plan to put up one in davao – especially where ayala land is.

  27. how about tokyotokyo and dairy queen? wala ba silang plan na maglagay ng mga stores na to sa abreeza? i’m sure kikita ng todo ang mga yun dito…

  28. “Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks Coffee, Italianni’s, TGI Fridays, Teriyaki Boy, Cafe Laguna, Bread Talk, Hukad Restaurant, Lemon Grass, Debenhams, Mark and Spencer, Zara, Nine West, Xoxo, Red Mango, Lucerne, Promod, New York 101 and Powermac Center”

    Wow! It’s overwhelming. I’m happy that Davao now has an Ayala Mall. Hope this will attract more ivestors and BPO’s. Such a large land, so little places to go!

    Hope Topshop/Topman opens up too. 🙂

  29. Dabawenyo’s should start up some 7-11’s and ministops. Krispy Kreme too… and BK… and Wendy’s… and Heaven and Eggs… and Cyma… and more!!!

  30. @parteeboi: I agree! I really hope Krispy Kreme, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Heaven & Eggs reach Davao shores. 🙂

  31. whoaaah I’ve been waiting for HOT TOPIC and forever21 here on davao I hope they open up on abreeza. been praying really hard for those stores to open.

    DAVAO IS ON THE ROLL!!! whoooh!

  32. Sa may 12 na daw ito mag open ☺

  33. Hi Lily! Yes, Abreeza opened today. The mall was packed with Dabawenyos eager to sniff the new stuff. We were impressed by the wide array of brands! We will definitely visit Abreeza again. 🙂

  34. myrna r. sampiri

    Congratz……just a walking distance from our old house…. thanks abreeza for coming and establishing your admirable store in Davao!!!!! it helps a lot and no need to travel in other cities to shop….

  35. Hurray to the davaoeños!

    So proud…

    Missin d place so much…. 🙁

  36. Davao Online Sale

    congrats to Davao city and abreeza mall

  37. try to ask sa mga guard sa mall kung saan yung office nila.. para mas claro yung details…. usually 6months advance yan at sa inyo pa yung renovation sa area…

  38. I’m so happy Abreeza has brought a world class mall to Davao City. It is not Mall of Asia but a good starter. Abreeza mall is very nice but also very unimpressive if you come from America.

    One thing is for sure. You don’t go to American malls for good food or great prices on anything. You don’t go to American malls for groceries either. Very few malls in the US have grocery stores in them. It is just not convenient. So why do Americans go to the mall? Most go for people watching, window shopping and a good cup of Starbucks drinks along with people watching.

    That bit of Americana was for those that no nothing about American life, where this whole mall thing comes from. Also for those of you that have not be able to visit the US, Starbucks coffee does not taste the same as Abreesa’s Starbucks coffee.

    Maybe they thought Filipinos couldn’t appreciate the strong taste of traditional Starbucks coffees or maybe the training and instruction is lacking. I don’t know but I was really disappointed and my wallet was much liter. I was so excited to see a bagel at Starbucks until I opened the bagel only to find it was wheat bread!

    That’s okay. I don’t drink coffee anymore anyway. Tell you what. I would be happy to see a Subway. I just hope if it ever happens, Subway would make sure the same type of bread that is used in the US stores is the same here in the Philippines. And no rice on the menu like KFC and Micky D’s has. While you are at it why not convince Panda Express to open up shop here as well. Again, as long as the food is made the same as it is in all of it’s other stores.

    hungry American

    • Thanks for sharing your two cents, hungry American! I believe the people who conceptualize the malls here in the Philippines are targeting the local market, hence the adjustments in food flavors and choices. But yup, it would really be interesting if an American food shop can bring its full menu unchanged from the US. Again, thanks for dropping by!

  39. Although I value my efforts to comment on this thread more than two cents, for the most part I agree with your valued response.
    When I married my Filipino wife and took her to the US she kept saying our food was just not something Filipinos would like. That was always just before she ate what I was giving her. A quick suggestion for anyone thinking of doing the same. Don’t. She’s fat now. Still beautiful but she is now in love with many American dishes.
    It is important to understand that American food does not come from one culture or race of people. America is all people of the world blended into one country. When you travel to larger more international cities here in the Philippines like Manila and Cebu you will find more choices. That is what this is all about, choices. Filipinos are part of the human race as well as those in other countries. Humans generally like all kinds of foods regardless of where they come from.
    In time the influx of others like me will change the lack of choice here in Davao. Although the people that conceptualized it’s sense of capitalism in Davao City (not the Philippines) may think they are accommodating the local market may be true, it is also short sited. Good food and good products are just that, good. It doesn’t matter where they come from or who makes them. It is just good business. McDonalds taste the same here in the Philippines as in the US. It is only good business sense to take advantage of proven products. There are over 300 million people in the US alone. These products are the leaders in the would.
    I have emailed US companies about how the products or services here in Davao are not represented properly or as it is in the US and every instance I was thanked for informing them and that they were not aware of the conditions of their Asia sites. I don’t believe Starbucks is aware that their product is not being represented here as it is in the US. Visit the Mall of Asia and you will experience this phenomena yourself. The Mall of Asia is clearly a good example of an international operation.
    We have areas in the US like Davao. It just takes time for these areas to progress. One day places like Davao will see that not playing on the world stage only slows progress. I am not trying to sound down on Davaoians. I’m one myself. I just want people here to not be shorted the same experience others have. The people of Davao must demand better. Better streets, beaches and laws that are enforced. That will be progress. The 5th richest city in the Philippines can achieve this if they really want to. Offer more to outsiders and watch them open their purses and wallets.
    Thank you for your response to my comments.
    Oh yeah, I’m still hungry.

    • Well said! You couldn’t have said it better. In other words: more choices, more fun. My only hope is that someone from Starbucks Abreeza Davao reads your comments, and benchmark from Starbucks stores in Manila.

      Good to know that you’re a Davaoeno. Madayaw! 🙂

  40. Hi…i just want to know where can i inquire for lease space? any contact number from the admin will do…im from manila and we are planning on opening a branch at abreeza…thank u

  41. i would like to ask if DIOR make up is available at abreeza mall in davao?
    thank you

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