Cerealistix Gives A Fresh Spin On Breakfast Cereals

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then you’re now given a chance to enjoy it anytime.

While looking for something to eat at the Ateneo de Davao University College Foodcourt, Wifey and I caught a glimpse of a very colorful food stall called Cerealistix. It was offering preparations of our favorite cereal brands, and even gave each cereal preparation a name related to sports icons.

Cerealistix Stall at Ateneo de Davao College Foodcourt

Wifey ordered Lebrownie James, which is a mixture of Milo Balls, Red Ribbon brownies, mini Vanilla Kisses, and wafer sticks. Meanwhile, I sampled their bestseller Norman Black Forest, a combination of Coco Chex, Red Ribbon brownies, mini Choco Kisses, and cherries. Both cups were drenched in ice-blended milk, much like halo-halo.

Norman Black Forest: Coco Chex, Red Ribbon brownies, cherries and mini choco KissesLebrownie James: Milo Balls, Red Ribbon brownies, mini vanilla Kisses, and wafer sticks

At P39 a cup, we thought it was affordable. So, we decided to add vanilla ice cream (at P10 per scoop) to enhance the experience.

The concoctions were awesome! I loved the exciting mix of flavors in each spoonful. The unique names of their cereal blends (called “The Champions”)  don’t hurt either — Koberry Bryant, Alvin Patri-Oreo, and Shaquille O’Nips will surely tickle your fancy.

The new flavors for July at CerealistixDelicious toppings for your cereal preparations at CerealistixNestle and Kellogg's cereals available at Cerealistix

All in all, Cerealistix manages to excite public interest in breakfast cereals by reinventing them. The catchy and creative names of their cereal preparations also give Cerealistix a unique niche in the otherwise crowded food market.


Cerealistix Foods
Ateneo de Davao University
Jacinto, Davao City
(082) 271-7211

[PBA code: PBA090970562]

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  2. Meron sila gift certificates? Sayang yun, pero since nawala, bayad ka na lang talaga. Hehe..

  3. Chic S. Velasquez

    Yes, as part of our Marketing campaign, we’ve given gift certificates to the winners of the parlor games during the AdDU SSE Division Orientation Day.

    And as a token of appreciation for a wonderful and very rewarding review, which is our first by the way, we’re also giving you two gift certificates for you and your wife. You may come to collect them on July 28 at your most convenient time.

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  4. Hello there, Chic!

    Wow, gift certificates for us? Oh, thank you! We just really want to highlight the good stuff in Davao, but since it’s not nice to say no to a gift (especially to a yummy one!), we’ll be glad to drop by on Tuesday then. 😀

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  5. amerie cute .... XD

    hellow ninang ehehhe … ako ualang gift certificate…wahehehhe…… pakisama mo na rin po ang tiket sa eroplano para makapunta na rin dian at matikaman ko ang cerialistix mukang masarp .. nakakalaway!!! hehehehe…

  6. D2 ako ateneo ngayon waiting for the mass. I remembered cerealistix u mentioned so i tried banANNA kournikova with chocolate ice cream. SARAP! indeed, there’ll always be better ways of having cereals. 🙂

  7. Hello cerialistix,

    I hope u remember me :)… Last August yata yun, ng usap tayo through email about franchising…

    Sabi m0 kasi it might be possible first part of this year :)…
    Sana u can email me about it…
    Hope 2 hear from u soon :)…

    Anyway, excited na aq umuwi ng pinas this year and have some of ur mouth watering cerials again :)…

  8. HI Ia.im anton,indonesian.i was stay in FM&Suites.we were classmate in ateneo.do you still remember me?How are you there?may i ask your email address or facebook?i have something important to ask from you.thak you very much

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