Roti Mum Coffee Bun: The Best of Singapore Now In Davao

What’s a Singapore-based bakery doing in Davao City? Apparently, Roti Mum has found a home in the food-loving metro, and launched its signature bread for us to enjoy.

Roti Mum at SM City Davao

Why all the hype for a piece of bread? After all, it looks like a huge pandesal.

Roti Mum Coffee Bun: Crunchy sweet outside, chewy soft inside

Yet, this round bread was able to tempt us and keep us salivating for weeks! Fortunately, we managed to clear up our afternoon schedule last Sunday to visit Roti Mum in SM City Davao.

As it turns out, Roti Mum’s Coffee Bun tastes absolutely heavenly! The bun offers a mixture of wondrous sensations to the palate. Its crisp coating smells like caramel and coffee, and its soft chewy bread tastes buttery. Roti Mum offers unlimited brewed coffee as the bun’s perfect partner.

Wifey swirling her coffee at Roti MumCoffee bun with unlimited coffee for P150 at Roti MumHubby looks extremely caffeinated at Roti Mum

All in all, we loved our sensory experience at Roti Mum enough to forget the P150 price tag on the “bun plus unlimited coffee” combo.

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  1. Awts.. hindi lang yung great tasting roti bun ang dinala dito.. pati yung expensive price.. hehehe

    How much po pag roti bun lang?

    But if you’re a coffee addict, that 150.00 drink all you can coffee is a sure winner. I hope their coffee is good. hindi ba instant?

    • Hi MiGs! Pwede coffee bun lang (P50 per bun) pero hindi pwede coffee lang. Medyo weird no? 🙂

      Brewed naman yung coffee, ndi instant. Hehe. Meron sila other drinks dun, like Minute Maid juice, Coke at bottled water. Ndi cya katulad ng other coffee shops na maraming options — yung coffee bun lang talaga ang main attraction nila.

  2. pwede magpa libre?:D

  3. support jud sa coke ba hehe.. san dun sa pix yung filling? ung top o bottom? 😀

  4. Hi, Leng.

    Nyek, as in wala talaga ibang drinks dun kundi kape, Coke, Minute Maid at bottled water. At walang ibang makain kundi coffee bun. 😀

    May cream sa taas na mg-melt after baking, then may filling din sa loob. Pag magkita tayo sa SM one time, kain tayo dun — less the kape! Antagal namin nakatulog! Waah.

  5. magminute maid na lang hehehe

  6. I love coffee buns too!! I tried Roti Mum.. not bad 😀 but I like Kopi Roti’s or Delifrance’s coffee bun better!

  7. Im not here to say bad things about their product because honestly their product is good, but people who want to franchise please beware, they are not good business partners. they are better off doing the business alone instead of partnering with other people who might be victimized by their unprofessional ways. they are very good talkers and when you have paid them in full, their support goes bad! I do hope that the Franchisers Association of the Philippines first review all their previous franchisee before they accept their application.

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