Another Story on BDO-SM Davao Branch

I just came from the bank. Although I had been disappointed by how BDO-SM Davao handled my application to purchase foreign currency last month (read story), I have to say I was impressed by how their Operations Officer, having noticed how long the queue was, decided to act as another teller. However, even with 4 tellers on the high counter, 1 teller on the low counter and an Operations Officer processing the transactions, the queue still managed to stay long.

I’m not sure why, but it’s almost always that way (long queues) in BDO-SM Davao. They seriously need a Total Quality Management training. Calling TQM practitioners… 😀

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  1. pls attached possible the tel. no

  2. Hi, Richard. Thanks for dropping us a message. What number are you actually referring to? 🙂

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