DavaoBase Invades Singapore: The World Is Getting Smaller — Really!

hubby with glomark and daryl
Glomark, Daryl and Hubby

When we were walking the streets of Singapore early this month, we met old friend and College classmate Glomark Tan! Of all the places to reunite, who would expect it to be in the streets of another country? We had a short chat and we introduced him to our friend Daryl Versola, who played host for us in Singapore.

Let me continue with how Daryl is related to us to further prove that it is indeed a small world. Daryl is one of my closest friends in Grade School. She attended high school in Pisay (or the Philippine Science High School), where she became really good friends with Hubby.

I’m now thinking how the Six Degrees of Separation, the idea exploring how we are all interconnected, applies to me and Patrick Dempsey. 😆

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  1. Wow! that is such a crazy coincidence 🙂

    That’s a great shot of everyone!

  2. what!?le!? karibal kita ke Mcdreamy ko??? =P hahaha
    anyways, i just tagged you guys with the “6 weird habits/things” game. pls visit my yukiaime blog and join the fun! =D

  3. Hi, Marj. I tried to visit your link, pero “The Webpage cannot be found” man daw. 🙁

    Hehe.. dili ta karibal kay McDreamy uy, kay akoa na cya! 😈

  4. oh noooo!! Mcdreamy’s mine!! hehe =P
    and ehhh?…honto?
    please try this daw Le, yukiaime.blogspot.com
    it works naman with my other friends…
    (be sure to eat first before reading it though..hehe)

  5. Yep, yukiaime.blogspot.com works fine. Ang naka-link sa imo name ang dili ma-open. 😉

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