The Famous Cable Ride to Sentosa Island

There are several ways to Sentosa Island. Our options were the taxi or the bus (boring), the Sentosa Express (just like riding the MRT) and the cable car — which is something we haven’t tried before, and thus became our transportation of choice.

A two-way trip via the normal cabin costs S$18.90 for adults and S$9.50 for kids. As if the normal cabin is not enough to make your nerves tighten, they offer a two-way glass cabin ride at S$21.90 for adults and S$12.50 for kids.

You won’t see a photo of me in the cable car as I was so stiff during the ride that not a single one of the photos look nice enough to be posted here. Haha..

sentosa cable ride
This cable car is at least 15 storeys high!

I wonder if Hubby is honestly not afraid or is only trying to control his fear to calm his poor wife down. 😀

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  1. auntie di mo na enjoy yung view ^o^

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