DavaoBase Invades Singapore: Our Best Meal in Singapore

is, hands down, the seafood dinner in No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Geylang.

prawns and chili crab

Hubby’s favorite is the Cereal Prawn while mine is the Chili Crab. We also had fish, but the Cereal Prawn and the Chili Crab took all the limelight that we can’t remember how the fish was cooked. 😳

The place did not look very special, but the food was so yummy that we didn’t mind paying the S$120 bill after. It somehow reminded us of Ahfat Seafood Plaza in Victoria Plaza Carpark, Davao City — noisy and expensive, but serves great food.

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  1. ey!ey! chili king crab and cereal prawn are two of my fave foods in SG din!!! 3rd one is chicken rice. the only things i miss in SG..haha..and oh yeah, the numerous libraries! masarap nga sa No Signboard. at masarap din sa Jumbo!

  2. I love SIngaporean food esp. hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, kaya toasts, satay and the charsiew. Love their noodle soups too 😀

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