Report Abusive Taxi Drivers

Have you been a victim of abusive taxi drivers? Have you been asked to pay a fixed amount instead of the fare determined by the taxi meter, or to pay a certain premium in addition to the meter-based fare? Have you been denied by a taxi driver during peak hours or rainy nights since your destination is away from his preferred ones?


Report these forms of abuse to the Mayor’s Office through the numbers (082) 227-6271, (082)224-5885 or 0920-6160904. Make sure that you get the taxi’s name and unit number, plate number and driver’s name (if possible).

With Christmas coming, we can expect several incidents to surface. To stop this kind of abuse, we need to do our part. Report cases of abuse to the proper authorities.

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  1. Drivers of Madayaw Taxi are untrustworthy for they do not return the things left by passengers Damn to them

  2. i rode a madayaw taxi just this afternoon, i left my cellphone which is samsung corby, im expecting him to return it here at mandug. please help me that phone contains documents for my school needs

  3. LXA 426. I was not able to get the name because first of all, he did not display his Taxi ID where taxis’ supposed to have. this taxi driver has a really bad attitude toward passenger. He scolded me about his profession that his life as a driver is hard and that they are not private service etc he blab about so many things. I mean what’s wrong with telling him to wait for awhile as I am fetching my brother at school. We are paying him anyway. Isn’t it his duty to drive passenger aroung as long as they are paying. If he his not happy with his job then he better not drive at all. He pissed me so much because of his way of speaking. That is not right when you’re talking to passengers. I don’t know if its because he is already old but still its wrong to approach us with that manner.

  4. Plate no. LXD662. I wasn’t able to get the taxi name. He dont even have taxi id displayed. And he refused to give receipt. Grrr.!!! I wasn’t able to have my fare reimbursed because of that.

  5. i have a report

  6. beware…of this taxi driver with temporary registration plate # 2855 rgsm..Mainitin ang ulo at nagsasabi ng very ng foul words like”putang ina”, pag kinukuha ng company guard ang kanyang id (which is required when a taxi enters the premises) and pag may bumper, binibilisan nia ng takbo para mabunggo sa ceiling ng taxi ang pasahero, we have experienced this last March 29, 2015 @ 8am (Sasa Davao City)

  7. PACIFIC CAB – plate no. LDC 756, Body number 2809

    while inside the cab with my mother(senior citizen)

    The driver insisted to go on his preferred route rather than what i told him. the reason is that “traffic daw sa akong preferred route”

    then he told me ” if traffic dra sa imong gsto na route, pababa-on tamo tas bayara akong metro”

  8. LXD 605
    Rude taxi driver.
    did not give me my change.
    did not wear his seatbelt and the alarm was too annoying.
    ID cannot be found
    went far away from my destination bc for him “u-turn is not allowed) which was funny cos that has been my route ever since. when he asked the officer in the checkpoint if u-turn is allowed the officer said yes.

  9. Good afternoon, report ko po sana Taxi Driver ng FIESTA with body number 5383.
    Sinakyan po namin siya kanina lang po Sept. 21,2022 mga around 1:30pm from Davao Doc to Mesatierra Garden, nilayo niya po yung route namin, suplado po na driver, meter namin amount 87 pesos, pera ko po 100pesos wala po siya sukli, galit siya kasi kami talaga pina provide niya ng bills, sinabihan ko siya na dapat mag provide siya bills, nagalit po siya, kalalabas niya po daw. Nagbigay kami 80 pesos, nagalit po siya pina provide niya talaga kami sa 7pesos,. Walang mudo po, bastos.. Please po paki seminar ang driver na ito, makakasira sa mga taong bumibisita sa Davao City.

    • kakapasok nga lang namin sinabihan niya agad kami, “ASA MO TAGUM” tama ba yung e approach sa mga pasahero? Presko kaayo nga driver, mga bisita ko pa kasama ko taga ibang lugar tapos yun yung driver na sakyan namin bastos.

  10. Plate Number LAB 9996 I was not able to get the drivers name, sakay nya ako just now, April 10 at 2:30am from Airport to Davao Doc but instead of riding on the best way lalo na palapit na sa Davao Doc he rerouted to torres st bound to brokenshire way to malvar. I confronted him pagbaba ko pero he just answered me with, Huh???

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