To Go Or Not To Go?

Due to technical difficulties, I was not able to post some entries about my recent trip to Manila. However, I decided to still put this one on anyway. This was actually written on October 4.


It has been 3 weeks and I miss my hubby so much. I’m sure he misses me, too. He has actually invited (read: convinced) me to go to Manila and spend a few days with him there. I am totally tempted to accept the offer, but there are a few things I still need to think about before making the final jump.

Besides, the semester is not yet over. Worse, the Final Departmental Exam for Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, the subject which I am handling, has been scheduled on the Friday (the last day!) of the Exam Week. Thus, I still need to ask permission from my immediate Head to leave even before the week is over. Aside from that, I need to finish a few other projects for some clients.

Hmm.. I’m still in the middle of a decision to make – to go or not to go? Help!

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