Our Laffline and Zirkoh Experience

Last year, while planning for our Subic vacation, we thought of inserting a trip to Quezon City to check what its most famous comedy bars have to offer. In the end, we decided it was way much of a hassle to go to QC when we will be staying in Pasay for the night and leave early the next morning for Subic.

This year, we already stayed in Quezon City. Thus, the first thing that came to our minds was to try Laffline, which is located just across the street from the hotel, or Zirkoh, which is less than a block away. So it actually was a sure thing, right? Well, just almost.


When we checked Laffline, we learned that their main attraction was Chokoleit. Were we eager to see Chokoleit for a fee of PhP 300? Hmm… not really. No offense intended, but we already saw him in Davao and we were hoping to see someone else.


Thus, we went to check Zirkoh. We got excited when we saw the names of Jed Madela, Richard Poon, Mariel Rodriguez, Valerie Concepcion, K Brosas and a few others on the board outside. Of course, we knew this was not going to come cheap and prepared to pay a little more.

We received the shock of our night when we heard that the tickets were sold at PhP 1,000 each! My enthusiasm faded – instantly. Haha.. My husband was willing to pay the amount if I sounded even a bit enthusiastic about going in, but the price dampened every inch of my interest. I would have been alright with the price if I really, really liked (again, no offense) the artists. I mean, I’m not paying PhP 1,000 just so I can see what’s inside Zirkoh.

The ending? We went back to the hotel and watched cable TV. 😀

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  1. Okay sa akin magbayad ng 1000 kung andun si Papa Piolo! Haha..

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