Is Dairy Queen Really Royalty?

I have always been fascinated with Dairy Queen’s Blizzard being served upside down. I have tried it once before and was so excited to try it again when my husband and I were in Glorietta recently.

Hubby ordered Kitkat while I picked Chocolate Almond, both flavors priced at PhP 99 per 12 oz cup filled with creamy ice cream goodness. The staff wore shirts saying that the Blizzard will be “served upside down or it’s free” (they do this to emphasize the product’s thickness). When the guy gave our orders, he tilted the cup alright (just around 45 degrees, actually), but he gave us 2 Kitkat-flavored Blizzards. Uh-oh.

We have been watching him for some time and he was way too busy compared with the guy on the other booth (selling donuts). So when he suggested to add the almonds to one of the Kitkat-flavored Blizzards instead of making a new cup, my husband simply agreed. It really does not matter to me if it’s not the real Chocolate Almond flavor. As long as it does not taste funny, I’ll eat it.

Besides, it tasted so good that I don’t really mind if he makes another mistake with my next order.

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